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Facing Reality: Preparing For Change

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Welcome Back!

The other day, I was mentioning the fact that I'm getting ready for change. My mind and being have been in a lull since I was resting, and all of a sudden it's time to be alert and to get back to my destiny. It's an interesting transition as your life restores. I went through the process of de- socializing in 2018, but am currently in the process of re-socializing and becoming independent once again in 2019. I made certain promises to myself which I must fulfill. It takes a lot of work to change, because you are mentally leaving the past behind and embracing the future at the same time.

The mind is an interesting place to explore. Many a motivational coach will tell you that your mind will play tricks on you as you are embarking on your journey. The key is to identify where you are in your life's process and to simply forge your path towards what you want, instead of where you were mentally. It'll feel like hard work... and sometimes you'll go to bed tired and wondering why you feel this way after taking action...but trust me and you have to push through the pain of leaving the past behind. It's just your mind and it's previous programming. Your brain is designed to keep you safe. Change requires expenditure of energy...but eventually you'll break through. There will be feelings of wanting to rest, but once that urgency kicks in, you'll want to take action and start running towards the future. It's simultaneously scary and liberating.

At this stage of my life's journey, I find myself more persistent on my journey. When you're younger (and yes I'm still young...but something magical happens to you once you pass the age of either thirty or accomplish a major the West) you become somewhat more CONFIDENT in yourself. More confident in the fact that you now have lived long enough to own yourself as a young woman or young man. You are more aware of your actions, live more intentionally and feel more confident that what you want, is what you really want, and that you really can have that which you desire if you persist.

Last week I was telling you guys what a surreal experience my move is to me. It's essentially a similar experience I've heard from other experiences. I'm sure we have all heard women speak about their challenges in getting pregnant, and then one day after months of trying it finally happens and they can't believe it, or those persons who were told that they would never make it in life...but somehow didn't mentally accept it...worked hard and became some of the most successful persons on Earth. That's me at this current the process of forging forward. After having listened to so many persons experiences, I've realized that I'm as unique as everyone else.

Accepting this, I have boldly declared to myself and to the world that I'm going to make it. It's not the easiest journey, but I've started pushing through every day. When I set tasks for myself, I actually ensure that I am doing them, so that I end the day feeling tired, but accomplished even if I've made an incremental move, the most important thing is that I have personally moved forward. I'm embracing independence again, and it's an interesting journey.

Having my own place will be the happiest day of my life in 2019. Each year has highlights...and I've embraced them all. I've literally visualized the entire experience. As I mentioned last week, I'd gone on months ago, and literally mapped out what I wanted in my apartment in every room, so it's simply a matter of actually accomplishing the task and getting things done. I have about sixty days to get to school, so of course with each passing day it is becoming more real, so I am pressuring myself to actually do it.

No matter how I feel each day, I have to do it because that will be a sign that I believe in myself. If I'm tired, I'll drink coffee. If I feel lazy, I'll play music to keep me awake, if I feel anxious, I'll play music to keep me going. The key is to simply focus on the dream instead of the adversity, and I'll surprise myself in due time I'm sure. There's a point at which the performance necessity will kick in. There's a point at which other people's opinions won't matter because you'll know that dreams were given to you to accomplish and that in terms of your future have to please that person and no one else.

I can't tell you how many of those motivational tapes I've listened to, and simply now am living their message. Additionally, I draw inspiration from many of my favourite YouTubers. The lessons that I've learned from every successful person is that you have to put yourself ON every day. Like clockwork...after a while you'll end up in a flow and achieve your dreams.

What projects are you working on that currently feel out of your reach...but you still fight for them? Go after them...those are the dreams that stretch and grow you. The aim of not to be comfortable. The aim of to GROW!!!



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