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February 2021: Shopping My Closet - Beach Wear

Welcome back to the blog!!

There's power in a vision. One of the things I've learned in to have an idea and let it incubate in the mind and take consistent action towards its accomplishment. For the past...two weeks I've been trying to reach one of my favorite places in the city of Kingston - Port Royal. Today...I just decided to go for it once my schedule cleared enough for me to do so. As the year begins it's important to ensure that you look put together...even if you do so on a budget.

One of the places that you can go to when you're on a budget is to your closet. I'm sure we all have clothes that we have purchased and either never worn, worn once, or have an intention to wear. Today...I wanted to share with you my beach wear visions. This is the year to do what's on your heart to do, and wear what's on your heart to wear. Let's see what's been living in my suitcase for a year or so...thanks to the pandemic.

Outfit#1: Beach Shorts Set

The beach and shorts go together like seagulls and the sands! With time, you actually learn that shorts can be age appropriate. Here's a mature take on shorts. I find that if you wear something that shows your legs, then you can take the time to actually cover up your upper body. To wear a long sleeved top without being too hot in a sunny climate, I love to pair a light flowly long sleeved top with my shorts.

I don't wear jeans shorts now, because I think they are a little too young for me, but I do have a pair of black shorts, that I find goes with everything. The material is a blend, and it actually stretches to fit your body. With a bikini underneath, and your favorite wedges or slippers, you are effortlessly ready for the beach.

Outfit #2: Grown And Sexy Beach Evening Wear

With Valentine's Day approaching, it's important to ensure that you have a good silhouette. I've been working on my yoga practice daily, and find that it keeps me in great shape. Life is long...and you need to be strong enough to live it. I cannot stress this enough. You want to have energy...after you've left do the things that you love to do!! The perks of being healthy is that you can wear all the beautiful dresses that you love. This aqua dress is a dress I've never worn. I found it on a sale rack at Brit Bran a little over a year ago...and am waiting to wear it for a special occasion such as a cute date night or a beach trip.

The material is a nice cotton material, and it works well with the beach environment that can be a little humid.

With this dress...all you have to be is confident. Wear it well and you'll feel sophisticated and elegant.

This is my version of the J Lo dress, and I believe that every woman has a dress that she feels like a million dollars in.

While this piece isn't that over the top, it's a sophisticated take on the beach dress. I like the lace detail in the front.

This piece is one you'd wear after you've finished swimming and are either heading home...or heading out to dinner in the evening on the beach.

It's light weight and comfy. Word to the wise...the dress is a slight turtle keep your hair low. I have a bun in this image...and it was a little tricky to get the dress over all that hair.

Effortless and chic!!

Look #3: Million Dollar Beach Wear

Don't mind the fact that this dress was only $10.00 on clearance...when I put this on...I feel like I own a condo, a yacht and own investment properties in Dubai. I like the rich mustard colour. It's a nice golden brown that goes well with the gold wedges and the gold accessories.

At the beach I keep it minimal. Sunscreen, no foundation, a little eyeliner and gold eye shadow...and some lip gloss. After you pretty much are natural because salt water cleanses everything, so you might as well just keep it simple with the make up.

Shades always are great accessories, so you want to ensure that you have a pair that either compliments the dress or makes a statement. In this instance, I'm wearing a bold black pair of shades that actually works very well with this colour combination.

For the beach...all you have to be is effortless. Find the right swim suit that fits your body type, and the tops that will go with them. Many summers of my childhood were spent at the beach, and during moments where I'm feeling the need to maintain a state of peace and calm...the beach is where I go for the restorative flow.

Even if you don't meditate...just being in nature for about an hour or two...will tune you to the environment. You won't be worried, you'll just be at one with the space and release all the burdens that you are carrying. We all think about a lot of things...and one of the things I love to release. Two hours...just calmly sitting, and listening to the waves...can make your whole week.

Let's put ourselves together in 2021! Life is good and all is well!!

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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