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Finessing Quarantine Life: The Beautifully Organized Backyard Picnic

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Luxury Food On A Budget
Quarantine Picnic Basket

"Make the most of life're living!!" - Tandose M

Welcome back to the blog!

I hope you're doing well! Yours truly is loving life!! There's a principle in Operations Management called...the The Sarah Model of Change. Essentially it states that when there's a change (like the current Quarantine) initially there's a shock...and then all of a sudden...after some resistance...there's acceptance. Yours truly accepted the change...and life is starting to feel like "roses" under the current condition. You might as well enjoy it!

I practice what I preach...and last night...while I was catching up on YouTube videos...I put on a lovely facemask...and multi-tasked. When I woke up this morning...I was all glowed up...and loving life. I took the time to work out for 45 minutes, and then proceeded to clean the other half of the house. At this point in time, our helper and gardener don't visit the house due to social distancing, and the essentials are managed by yours truly...the operations manager.

I manage the house with a system, not anything too strenuous. It simply states: "Tandose M...thou shalt clean the house on Wednesday and Friday. Wednesday is for downstairs, and Friday is for the communal areas upstairs." The process takes me about two hours on each deck, and I just make the most of it. I put on a little music...and just groove!! It's a vibe...and I'm loving it!!

While I do leave the house once per week for essentials like groceries...I make sure that while I'm out...I stock up on critical essentials. This week...I picked up a pair of earrings and a beauty blender! I'm getting better at my make up routine. I will soon get lashes and a new foundation. That's next week's treat! I do one or two treats for myself per week, just to ensure that I'm meeting targets.

Luxury Beauty On A Dime
Beauty Essentials

My system of ensuring that I treat myself as I one of the greatest things I've done to motivate myself in any aspect of my life. It's just something fun for me to do while the weeks progress.

Self motivation is something that I developed in University. I read books like the Secret, that teach you how to organize your life to accomplish goals. Past a certain have to be your own hero and make your own day.

Goal achievement isn't a magical simply involves setting a task before yourself...envisioning the outcome, taking action and then reaping the reward!!

The details are the parts that people don't to instill that discipline in your being, you go through the process of giving yourself an incentive. As a woman, my incentives each week...are beauty related because I'm all about self care. One week it might be a dress, one week it might be a lip gloss, another week a pair of earrings, new foundation for another week...etc. The process itself just keeps me going...and I love it!! If you know you're going to gain something for doing a'll want to do it. For this can see I gifted myself this gorgeous pair of gold and pearl earrings from Brit Bran. They have the best affordable things. The earrings only cost me around $2.00, as well as the beauty blender. For this was these items for me. You don't need to spend a lot of look chic...and so I save the bulk of my earnings, and just take my time and upgrade my collections. For pieces like this...feel free to checkout the ForeverLuxury store here on this website.

After cleaning the house, and having some breakfast, I went ahead and decided to just relax. Since last Easter we were all home, my being started missing being out and about. I always ask the question: "What can I make today more fun and EXCITING?" The answer that came to me was..."Just have a picnic outside!!" How fun!! Here's a sample of what a typical picnic basket would look like:

Luxury Food On A Dime
Quarantine Picnic Basket

For Your Picnic Basket You Will Need:

Snacks: These peanuts were what we had in the pantry, but you can pack things like chips, sweets like Skittles, puffs like Cheetos, chocolate bars, granola bars, and any other favorites that you may have in your snack drawer. Since we're on a health groove during the quarantine, we always carry fruits on us. This can be anything from a tangerines, oranges, banana and mangoes. These are in season now, and I'm doing my best to ensure that I'm eating at least one fruit per day.

Sandwiches: These can include anything from corned beef sandwiches with hardough bread, ham sandwiches, or even sandwiches made with rotisserie chicken. We will usually purchase a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store, or if there's any baked chicken left over, it is ideal for making sandwiches for a picnic. If you have young children, hot dogs are always a good idea.

Drinks: I love my fair share of liquor, but if you're going to a park, things like Smirnoff Ice is really good to carry with you, additionally you can make your own mixed drinks like Tang, add a little lime juice and you'll be good to go!

Pack all your peripheral items: plates, cups, napkins, forks, wipes and you're ready for the back yard. I've always lived in a home with a yard, and this is definitely the type of thing I'll do with my children once they're born. Make life fun and exciting regardless of where you are. Quarantine...doesn't have to be boring. Today...being a Friday...have your popcorn ready...have a movie night...and you are good to gizzle!!

Enjoy the weekend!! I love you for reading!! Live Your Best Life!!


**Dr T**

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