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Focus Strategies for 2019 - The Social Media Purge

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Hi Guys,

A few months ago...yours truly started purging herself from all aspects of life. As the queen of the rebuilding process...I decided to assess myself and identify all the people and places, and things that belong in my life...versus those that don't. You have to release the order to make room for the future. In that instance...the first iteration of my YouTube Channel was the ForeverLuxury2.0 was in effect as of Q4 2018. I've been conscious of everything I post in all aspects of life. Image is everything. What I post is genuine and real though and hoping that this helps someone out there this week.

As I mentioned...when I returned to my parent's upstairs basement aka my room on the 18th of December 2017...I started mentally creating exactly what I wanted to do in the New Year in order to fulfill my destiny. I had a plan A...and a myriad of plan B's. We all have a purpose...that thing that allows us to shine our brightest. If you haven't found it yet...don't worry...start doing something and eventually you'll find a spark in the wake. When I talk to my students the one story I tell them is exactly how I became an engineer. As a spoiled millennial...I literally sailed through undergrad...and then graduated. After graduating...I kid you my family's usual style...we celebrated!!! Went to the waterfront and had dinner....congratulated Tandy...all that good and wonderful stuff. I was on cloud 900!!! Bear in mind...that even though I had graduated...I had no job at the time. But I was happy none the less. The next day was a different story!!! The next day was one of the longest lectures of my life about what am I doing now that I've graduated...and that I have a year to figure it out. I took my year... worked on campus...lived on Google and eventually ended up at Leeds in the wake of that activity. My students read my here's my reminder to you guys. Give yourself time to think and plan ahead. In a time where we're living to a one hundred plus year is a drop in the bucket of time.

In order to need to be able to hear yourself. This is the primary reason that I currently have my studio. There were distractions at home...which I don't have here. I even sleep better because I'm not being bombarded by the worries of what people around me are thinking as I work on my plan. I can just flow.

As I work...I turn to hope and inspiration to keep me lifted as I complete my plan. Day by day...there is incremental change. In my readings, audio and visual sessions...I discovered the concept of the social media purge. When you're in a state of pull from within you...and the one thing you need to do periodically in order to function properly is clear your mind. Social media as useful as a distraction if you're immersed in it...while you're supposed to be engaged in other activities critical to your progress. What typically tends to happen is that as you sit down to work...there's an occasional ping on your phone. You check...and someone sent a joke. Not bad...but there goes five minutes. You settle down again...and there goes another ping on your phone. check...and there's another post from someone else. There goes another five minutes. Etc.

When I learned what was happening...and that distraction was heightened via the dopamine hits that we get from the phone...I started the conscious effort of turning off my phone as I studied. One of my students also informed me that there are apps that can now lock your phone so that you don't go online and distract yourself if you have something important to focus on like your thesis or your weekly blog posts, or your video editing. Tools like this...are enablers of efficiency.

Through'll really get things done. I turned my phone off last Thursday...and it's Sunday now. I'll turn it on for about twelve hours. Don't try this if you're busier than me #StudentLife I have eight months to flow...unless life has other plans before that.

Enjoy the week! Stay focused...and motivated!!!


**Dr T**

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