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Foot Spa Essentials : Taking the Best Care of Your Feet

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Your health is your wealth! There is a medical adage that states “Prevention Is Better Than Cure”. Truer words have never been spoken. When it comes to our feet, they are one of the most neglected aspects of our bodies. The only time most of us remember that they exist is at the point where arthritis starts to set in, or the point at which we sprain an ankle and need to keep it wrapped so it can heal. While the world isn’t expecting you to be high maintenance, it is helpful to pay at least ten minutes to half an hour of attention to your feet before any serious complications develop. With our daily lives, physical activity such as walking or running can place a toll on our feet. Depending on the impact, it is often important for one to revamp the feet once a workout or daily activity has concluded. With the summer/winter, how does one actually manage to take care of the feet?

As a start, you can consult with your orthopaedic specialist to identify what items will be beneficial to your at home pamper kit. Alternatively, you can always search online and find an ideal baseline to start from. This blog article aims to be a starting point. Instead of self-care feeling like a chore, it will feel like a luxury and you’ll want to do it often. If you can, indulge in the following:

A Foot Spa: With a wide range of options from the super affordable to the super luxe, it is possible to purchase for yourself an at home foot massager. With this massager, you can facilitate the massaging of your feet, and improve the circulation through your entire feet and ankles. The soothing warm water will relax both your feet and your mind. Interestingly, if you really want to go low budget, you can add some dish washing liquid to your water. The agent is antimicrobial and also moisturizing. Additionally, you can purchase foot soaks from your local pharmacy or beauty supply store. Jazz up the experience with a little lavender soak, and you’ll be healing and relaxing at the same time.

Epsom Salts: The versatility of Epsom Salts cannot be stated enough. From an internal perspective, it is the perfect body detox for your liver. If you ever feel your energy levels on a low, it may be that your body is toxic. Toxicity is induced by the ingestion of preservatives with time. You can either detox via internal ingestion of the salts, or you can detox via the osmosis process. In your foot spa, or a basin, you can create a salt solution. Fill the bath just about half way, and add half a cup of Epsom salts. If you have any blisters, they will heal with time. Additionally, via osmosis, with a concentrated salt solution, you can detox as the salts in the water, will pull toxins from your body through the pores in the soles of your feet. The soles of your feet are actually very sensitive and porus.

Natural Foot Scrub: After you have soaked your feet, you can facilitate exfoliation by using a foot scrub to massage the feet. You can create your own scrub via a mixture of coffee (after you’ve percolated it and have the ground coffee left over), coconut oil and brown sugar. Apply gently, and let the scrub nourish your feet.

Foot Cream: With aromatherapy becoming more mainstream, you can actually determine what scents to apply to your feet in order to give yourself a boost. If you’re heading to sleep you can apply a lavender lotion. These are very inexpensive and you can find them in your local pharmacy, near to lotions and candles. If you want to energize your body, you can actually apply an invigorating scent like a mint or citrus scent that will energize the senses once they are stimulated.

Once you are finished, you can simply go through the process of either placing your feet into socks, or if you’re heading out for the day into your favorite comfortable sandals or shoes. Pamper yourself today.

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