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ForeverLuxury Home: Building a Greenhouse

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As the summer progresses, it is always a good idea to have some fun DIY projects on our to-do list. One of the fun things about owning a home, is the fact that you can decorate both the interior and the exterior of the space. I personally love to garden, and there is a Greenhouse in both the home that I'm currently, and at my parents home. I thought it would be a good idea for me to share with you all how to build a Greenhouse.

The first thing that you need to do is to find inspiration. You can go to various sites such as Pinterest, or even Google images to find out what styles you like, and what styles will actually fit with your existing home design. From this point, you can go through the process of determining your budget, identifying what land space you can budget for your Greenhouse, and also the location. Ideally you want to place the Greenhouse in a shady section of your home. This could be near a tree, or a wall. If you feel inspired to get to building...let's jump into the process.

Greenhouse Design

With the variety of Greenhouse designs that exist, the first thing you need to think about is style or frame of the Greenhouse that you intend to build. The aim is for the greenhouse to have both functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Determine the application, and what type of plants you intend to house in it. Will you have plants that are on shelves, or do you want to have hanging plants like orchids in your greenhouse? Once you think about these things, you'll be able to determine what you'll need in the interior as well as the exterior of the frame. If you need assistance, you can always approach your local hardware store. They may have designs that you can choose from.

Peripheral Items

Once you have chosen your design, you can identify the peripheral items that you'll need such as your doors. Depending on where you are living, you can identify materials that will be suitable for your climate. Will you need insulation for the winter? If you're in a sunny place, will the material be breathable so that you have adequate ventilation for your plants? Will the Greenhouse be secure once the door is installed? Hardware is key so determine all the hardware such as nuts, bolts, brackets, shelves, hooks that you will need to ensure that your frame is as secure as possible.

Greenhouse Coverings:

Greenhouse covering are what you will have to think about once you've thought through your design. On my Instagram page (@foreverluxury19), I'd showed that the greenhouse in our home is made of breathable mesh that frames the metal greenhouse frame. With coverings that come in a variety of materials from glass to wood, to combinations of plastics, you can go through your material options and determine what options will work best for your budget and lifestyle.

Ventilation: Ensuring that your plants can breathe

Adequate ventilation is key to ensuring that your greenhouse is viable. The science behind greenhouses is that you are creating an environment that keeps your plants cool, and allows warmth, shade and moisture to circulate in a delicate ecosystem. With your greenhouse, you can go through the process of either facilitating natural ventilation with with mesh, or if you have glass or polycarbonate paning, you can install fans and shutters that facilitate circulation of air. If you're in a location that experiences winters, a heating system will be warranted, so investigate heaters that can provide warmth for your plants. Set your temperature controls where necessary so that you can modulate the temperature across the months.

Interior Decoration

Aside from the usual shelving, you can add your touches to your greenhouse. These can include:

1) Benches that you can actually sit on. As you create for yourself a greenspace, you want to enjoy it and make it an extension of your home, not just a store house for your plants.

2) Lily pond: If you find via your thrift searches, some larger vats, you can go through the process of creating a small lily pond in the center of your greenhouse. The key is to simply be creative!!

The Building Process: Let's Do It!!

After the dream comes the execution. Once you've designed your system, and determined the dimensions that you'll's time to head to the hardware store and to purchase the items. If you need help with determining the dimensions, there are various Greenhouse Calculators online that can help you determine these details.

Once you reach your contractor or your hardware store, you'll be able to purchase the items and then get to building!!! Some aspects of the project may require a contractor if you're building a bigger structure...but for smaller units, you can actually go through the process of building it yourself.

Your home is your haven!! Make it a beautiful experience!! Happy GreenHouse building!! To a great summer!!!

I love you for reading!!!


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