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ForeverLuxury Living: How Mindful Are You?

Welcome back to the blog!!!

For those who have been with me a while, you know that I do make an effort to live intentionally. Creation is not the easiest thing...but there's a certain burst of energy that comes once you know that you are in control of the outcome. You feel more powerful and act with a sense of ownership of your destiny. We all create our lives from the inside out. Once I learned that I was in control of my destiny, there was no stopping me. Create she did!! As 2019 is coming to a close, I've started taking the time to actually go through the process of ensuring that I actually did fulfil the objectives that I set for the year. Looking at the list, I actually accomplished most of the items I intended for 2019...but with a few weeks left, I'm hoping that I can actually go through the process of fulfilling a few more of my dreams. With a little help...anything is possible. Some of my bigger dreams require help from people so yes...I've definitely started reaching out and finding myself in a good flow.

To give you guys a feel for how I treated this day ( I wrote this article on a Sunday):

1) It is still raining every day. Last night...there was the gentlest rush of I while I set some sleep music to calm my mind as I slept...I couldn't hear the music and...I was lulled to sleep by the sound of the rain. When all calmed down...I woke up at around 1 21 am and meditated. My body naturally woke I went through the process of listening to her and just focusing on gratitude. I'm focusing on clearing my energy, so that I can flow into what I envision as my life's purpose. I've been feeling lethargic lately...due to the fact that several things are weighing on my brain, so I tend to do things like meditate on release. I am forgiving people, releasing the past, and affirming the future. I know my visions so take some time to focus on their evolution. At around 3 am, I decided to return to sleep. I'm aiming to wake up at 5 am and stay awake for the full day till about 11 pm, so I'm currently in the process of resetting my body clock.

While I slept however...I listened to Louise Hay's 101 Power Thoughts and just allowed it to seep into my mind as I prepared for my day. This is my favorite audiobook. I'm at the point where I can recite the entire first two minutes You know how it is when your mind loves something. It will readily absorb it. This is the most soothing audio book for when you're working out...or when you're simply in the process of waking up and wanting to hear something positive to start your day. As I affirmed...I simply drifted of to sleep.

6 am: Morning Jog

As you all know, I live on a random hill in Kingston, Jamaica. Yours truly is currently at the point where I want to settle down and get married and purchase a home in the next two years. I don't intend to be in my parent's home for more than a few more months till I return to full time work. I have over the past three weeks since I've been home, been doing about twice to three times weekly walks all over the neighborhood. When I was a dancer, I used to walk up and down the hill for stamina training. Whenever I'm home, I have my routine, and I aim to restore this level of my physical fitness, regardless of my age. I decided to switch up my routine this morning and jog to the other side of the neighborhood. Change is always good and you get a chance to engage your brain cells in something fresh and new.

While I exercise, one fun thing that I do is look at all the houses in the neighborhood and decide which one my hubby and kids would love to live in. I've been doing this forever and a day. When I drive as well...I always do fun things like count how many Mercedes GlC coupes are on the road. I'm activating my reticular activating system!! Read about it!! The house above, is my favorite house in the entire neighborhood. I've always had a thing for Spanish themed houses...and every time I see the house...I feel like I'm literally there. As my Sunday routine next week, I'll definitely go back there and affirm all good things. After about half an hour of was refreshing to reach this space on the incline. The house sort of just appears in the morning mist...and I literally feel like I could go walk in and grab an orange juice from the fridge. It was early not a soul was stirring...and I just breathed in the fresh air...and just affirmed that one day I'd live in a home like this one.

Once I finished the first leg of my journey, I headed into our community center and did a few laps there. Since it's currently very rainy, I avoided things like running on the grass, but the road did provide me with enough traction to do things like jog if I wanted to.

8 40 am: Morning Water

When I was in May Pen, I was very diligent with my morning smoothies...and somehow in October that trend was slightly interrupted. As of last week however, I caught myself out of flow and started doing things like drinking lime water in the mornings.

As I started reflecting on my intent to resume my green smoothies, I have decided to use what's in the backyard as the baseline for my smoothies this week.

We have the moringa tree in our backyard. Renowned for its healing properties, I managed to find a recipe that I could utilize as I resumed my smoothie practice.

I'm at the point where I can take a recipe and then remix it to match what's in my kitchen, so this week's smoothie will be:

Moringa-Banana Green Smoothie

Moringa leaves have a consistency similar to spinach leaves (they are a little thicker so remove the stalks and only blend the leaves), so utilizing them as my greens, they can be a little on the bitter to bland side. To make a 300-4oo mL smoothie, you will need about a cup of the leaves. Adding to this, will be one banana (and I'm thinking of also adding some raisins about half a cup, for additional sweetness) I will blend all the items together and allow myself to restore in the days to come. I won't have time to do this every morning, but I'm aiming for at least three days out of this week to get this done. As my liquid base, I'm aiming to add either water or almond milk, depending on what's in the pantry.

What inspired the change is the positive content that I've been absorbing. Knowing that life is lived from the inside out...I've really been making an effort to ensure that my gut health and physical health is up to par. I have an intention to live until I'm one hundred, so I'm definitely taking the time to ensure that I am taking the relevant actions.

The rest of the usually spent in introspection as I look at my objectives and identify if I'm on target or not. At most, I'm taking the time to ensure that mind, body and spirit are at their peak. Life is long, and you want to enjoy every day.


What are you doing to ensure that you're living intentionally?

Are you taking the time to calm and clear your mind before you start your day?

Are you releasing who you were in order to make room for who you'll become?

Are you being gentle with yourself, and making choices and changes that will lead you to your destiny?

Do you have your list of intention for 2020?

Do you have your vision board ready?

If you don't live the life you design, you'll end up living a life...that someone else designed for you. Have a good week ahead!!


**Dr T**

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