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Friday Vibes: The Girl's Trip

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Happy Friday!!!

I hope we all woke up on the right side of the bed!! It's Friday...and yours personally has decided that I'm too young to be miserable. After the landlady adventures...I challenge myself to be full of positive vibes on a daily basis. Friday Vibes brought to you the power trio! Play as you read! Yours truly is on a good It's Friday!!! I'm sure I'm not the only student who thought certain thoughts when they heard about that Admissions Scandal. Lololololol. The application struggle is real enough. Trust me...I was there wondering how many people got into places like Stanford via the scam...while the rest of us are here fretting about the finer details of the academic lottery. You need heavy distractions as you're applying. The more you let go...the easier that life is.

Yesterday...yours truly started the process of telling you people how I watch movies on the drive home. The other day...we watched Girl's Trip...and we laughed non-stop for the entire hour plus that it took for us to reach Spanish Town. Any movie with Tiffany Haddish is a great stress reliever at the end of a long work day. A friend of mine is visiting in about two weeks. We all have those friends...who just turn UP our energy levels. I am in a group of about six friends. Over time...with varying careers and lifestyle changes you drift apart...but in a group...there will always one or two people that you just VIBE with...and every day with those types of friends will feel like a road trip!

One of those FUN friends is visiting in the two weeks!!! Yours truly is here trying to figure out what to do for the weekend that I'll see her. When we were younger...we'd literally do things like leave work...and drive to Trelawny for events like Jazz and Blues Festival...or simply drive to San San Beach on a random Sunday and do nothing more lay on the beach for a few hours...and then drive back to our busy lives. Over the years...we've visited each other regardless of where we both were. If I was in England she'd visit...and right before I moved to Cleveland...I visited her in England after she'd moved for her fellowship. Just fun times!!!

Watching the movie Girl's Trip has taught me the value of ensuring that friendships are maintained regardless of family or career. There are various characters in the movie...and I personally find myself more like the Ryan character. Yours truly has that fire power ambition...and I literally wake up and affirm all good things for my day and then approach the day with positivity. As a dancer...I've also got a touch of the Tiffany Haddish character...ever making people laugh and also causing "trouble". I can't hear music and stay still. Lol.

Whether you're thinking of a weekend getaway in places like Las Vegas or something on a smaller scale...there's just something about taking the time to filter out the world and suspend the role of professional, wife and mother while you're with your best girlfriends!!

I have work tomorrow when I'm revived...I'll dabble in the yesteryear (millennial version). There are some dancers in Spanish Town and May Pen...fully Whipping and Nae I'll see if I can remember some of the dances that I used to enjoy a few years back and add them to the mix.


**Dr T**

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