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Get It Done: Finding The Motivation to Accomplish Your 2019 Goals

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Life is a journey, not a destination. Only when you start the process of creating that which you desire, do you realize that overcoming challenges the nature of life. Growth is designed to be uncomfortable. Not to sound cheesy, but I've discovered that it is true...the dream is free...the HUSTLE itself is sold separately. If you simply wake up...and start thinking, you'll realize that your mind has the ability to generate thoughts that flow in a myriad of directions. These thoughts, if categorized will either be positive or negative, constructive or destructive. With choices, the true master, has the ability to make the choices that will either lead to the betterment or detriment of their lives. Since this is a positive space, we will focus on the constructive thoughts that we decided that we were going to make happen in 2019. With the third quarter of the year about to conclude in a few days, now is a good time to reflect and identify if you're still on the right track.

Remember the Vision

If you've ever read the works of Stephen Covey, one of his greatest recommendations is that of beginning with the end in mind. That means that it is important to live a purpose filled life. Targets drive actions, and enable us to determine if we're on track or not. Many persons go through life aimlessly and at the end of the 80-100 year span...are filled with remorse. Knowing that others have lived and not fulfilled, it is important for us to ensure that we do not end up in the same boat. While we can't do everything...what's important is to do the things that matter to our own lives. To quote Harley Davidson "When writing the story of your life...make sure that you're the one holding the pen!". This is the driving force that I use in my life, and if it resonates with you...feel free to use it. Living your one of the most liberating experiences I've had in my life. There's a lightness to the experience that I can't exactly explain. You notice things that other's don't because you're living more intentionally. If you have one...return to your vision board and remind yourself of the dream. If you don't can simply write your goals down on small cards...and look at them daily as reminders to yourself. I do a fusion of both.

Stay Motivated

In my latest YouTube video, I'd mentioned the progression that we've been making across the semester. All worthwhile endeavors take effort, and you will get eventually get tired, especially if you're expending a lot of either mental energy or physical energy. That being the case, you need to ensure that there's something that will pull you through as you start encountering resistance. Activities such as exercise, which keep your mind and body engaged and energized, will help to keep you motivated as you are embarking on your journey. Additionally, knowing that other persons have experienced similar things and survived, is a good motivator, since they will be able to share their tactics and strategies with you on your journey.

Keep Moving

They say that if you keep still, you'll stagnate. You're either growing or stagnating. This is the truth. You can feel within yourself if you're making progress on any task. Your body will become used to lethargy, and the progress that you need to make will be delayed. Once you start a project, challenge yourself to push through until the end. Know that you will not be perfect initially, but life provides grace for those who overcome the initial activation energy that is needed to accomplish a task. Once you start moving, the momentum will build and you'll find yourself in a good flow eventually. If you stand still however, you'll miss 100% of the shots that you never took. That being the case...don't wait on being perfect...but take action. Regardless of what people think about you, or what you think of yourself as you embark on the journey...just do it like the Nike motto states. You'll either learn...or you'll win. Many people are trapped by perfectionism. Don't aim for that target...aim for excellence in any space that you're engaged in.

Find a Model

There's a saying that goes..."You are unique, just like everyone else." This simply means...that even though you're biologically unique, the life experience in a general sense isn't. You're not the only one who'll have overcome adversity, you're not the only who would have had people that didn't believe in their dreams, you're not the only one who initially had a dream and didn't know how to fund it, you're not the only one who...fill in the blanks. Those are "problems" and all problems have solutions if the right questions are asked. With the advent of the internet, there are plenty of motivational YouTube videos with interviews held with individuals who have told their stories of how they overcame their challenges and rose to the top regardless. Simply find the person who's story resonates with yours. I personally like Beyonce because she had a childhood like mine...but yet through hard work, determination, and humility she made herself a respected business mogul. She's also very fun, so I like the idea of entrepreneurship fitting your lifestyle.

Treat Yourself

With every great challenge, there must be some sort of reward. While it might be challenging along a multi-year journey to be celebrating along the way...I've learned the concept of the micro-win and the micro-celebration. That simply means that each day, you find something to celebrate after you've taken the action to achieve the objectives that you've set for that day. Dreams are big, but in increments they can be achieved over time. All you have to do is take the incremental action, and eventually the task will be accomplished. If you try to do everything at once, you'll overwhelm yourself. After taking the time to use your planner to account for the hours in the day, and then challenge yourself to accomplish the tasks, you'll find yourself progressing, and generally feeling more confident that the dream itself is manifesting. Even if your treat is an ice cream at the end of that day...or simply allowing yourself a nice lavender shower in the'll feel proud of yourself for allowing yourself to move forward towards a task that you have set for yourself. Nothing beats owning your own life!

These are a few tactics that I've been using on my own entrepreneurial journey! Try them and see how your life manifests! You'll feel more focused, confident and expanded in your being.


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