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Getting It Together : How to Stay Organized During a Change


How are you? You can leave your shoes at the door and get comfortable on my imaginary couch. Here's a glass of champagne since it's a fabulous life for those want it to be! Welcome back to the blog, and back to my re-emerging bougie-ness! Yours truly is in the second transition of the year, and I'm back to that phase where all activities are starting to overlap! As a start, August is my birth month and as a result, I'm literally in that state where I'm FLOATING through everything. Happy all my Birthday TWINS!!! You literally just have to allow yourself to be choice. Last week we outlined that nobody's life is perfect, we all have drama of varying degrees...but we need to control it internally, and present our best selves to the world! Someone out there needs our light today!!! In all of life's imperfections, we have to CHOOSE...that we'll be happy. As long as there's life...there's a reason to be happy and just enjoy the time we have. LONG. With things like stem cells brewing up to regenerate your various parts, you'll be here a lot longer than you you better be happy.

In today's lifestyle segment, I'd like to talk about how I'm better organized this week in terms of my business activities. Yours truly mentioned before that I'm currently a hybrid. If I had my well all know...I'd be an Instagram wife and be flying off to Greece (Amen for that vlog...I was healed when I watched it! To the extra life!!)...but it doesn't happen overnight. I still have school to deal with unless God declares that I'll be an influencer for the rest of my life. Over the past three years I've really come to love the social media realm, and as a result I've started getting assistance in order to manage my sites while I'm occupied with business and science theory. What kept on happening to me was that I'd drop my YouTube uploads because I was inundated with lectures. At this point...I'm realizing that my business is going to outgrow my job in the long run if I keep feeding I'm doing some management of both activities just to see what manifests in my evolution. I thought today's advice would be helpful for those individuals who are either students, stay at home moms who want to self sustain and contribute to the world while being at home , current YouTubers who want to grow their business and outsource some activities, entrepreneurs or any walk of life who believe that entrepreneurship is a path that you'd like to engage in, so that you can control your life, your time and your happiness.

Give me two seconds to transform back into Tandy the Management Consultant! One...Two! she goes. In the global economy there are four major players: Employees, Self Employed Individuals, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. Of this set, the most powerful and FREE are the entrepreneurs, because they have assets that make money for them...while they are sleeping or travelling and just living in general. When your business earns you enough money to meet your needs without you doing are financially free!! Money is power, and once you have can do anything. You don't have to work for people you don't want to, and be free of the capitalist matrix. The year and a half that I've had off has really cemented this life for me, and I've had the pleasure of watching many persons create a beautiful life for themselves and I'm doing the same for myself and my future family.

When I first entered the online world, I was introduced to the wonderful world of freelancing via a website known as I thought it would be a good idea for me to share with you what possibilities exist for a website like this one, just in case you want to expand your business much like I am doing now. Let us go through the process of hiring an individual for a job.

Step One: Create an account on Creating an account is free and easy.

In the image above, you can join via pressing the JOIN button in the top right hand corner of the image. The site is intuitive and you create a user name, password, authenticate your email address and then you're in. As with all social media based platforms, you can add a profile image, payment details, and then start engaging with the market place. Once you join the service, you can either offer services (I can demo this in next week's blog article), or hire someone to work for you. As a business owner now, I hire individuals to help me to manage my platforms. ForeverLuxury is now three fold...I'm on YouTube, Instagram and on this current website and it does get overwhelming to maintain the three with an intention to return to full time school, so I sought some help from my hires.

Directing back to the image above, you'll realize that the search bar is titled Services For Your Business. These services can be anything from:

*Logo Creation

*Video Editing

*Translation (audio to text for video to blog transitions)

*Video Marketing

*Instagram Account Management

*YouTube Video Promotion

The list is by no means exhaustive, and as you can see, depending on what your business services will need, there will be a hire that you can order services from. For the sake of today's discussion, let us use a generic theme, and hire an individual to promote a YouTube video. As we have learned in business, "If You Build It...They Will Not Always Come". Marketing is key in the initial stages of your business growth, or if you have a special campaign that you want to have exposure. There are lots of freelancers that can help your business to grow and expand. You don't have to do everything yourself. Let's go ahead and enter "YouTube Video Promotion" into the search bar and see what materializes.

The search engine will generate a series of gigs that you can choose from. As the name of the website defines, the projects are scaled in multitudes of $5.00. The services that you are looking for will range in price from $5.00 - the upper limit that the provider will design for you in their product packages. There is an additional tax addition, so you'll find that a $5.00 gig ends up costing you about $7.00.

In this example, we will choose the first gig titled: " I will do professional YouTube Channel and Video Promotion" which starts at $10.00. The first thing to do is to click on the gig:

You will be directed to the product page, which indicates the seller's services. As you can see from the package details to the right, there is an indication of what will be provided for you once you have paid the package fee, and submitted your channel details. You will be provided with:

Promotion to an audience of 5000 (some promoters have more audiences so search before you purchase), 3 social media post suggestions, 100 links...etc. These details will vary per service, so if you have the time you can compare what sellers are offering so that you can get the best value for your money. In some instances, the price is not indicative of the service offered. There are some sellers that can offer you a world class service for just $5.00 so don't knock the price, do your due diligence.

The example above was just generic of course, feel free to get creative depending on your business needs. In terms of managing ForeverLuxury, I have hired assistants on all my platforms. The services I use include:

1) YouTube Video Promotion: I find that when I post, I may not have time to promote because of work, so I have someone who manages the video promotion for me now. I'm noticing that my subscriber base is growing as they help me with my engagement.

2) Instagram Account Management: I have an assistant who manages my account when I can't, so that my content goes out, and they are able to engage for me when I'm either travelling or in meetings for school.

3) I recently hired someone to help me manage some aspects of my blog. For the OG's of my blog, you'll realize that I recently upgraded to incorporate my site. ForeverLuxury was originally a free website template from Wix (I'll do a YouTube video on this soon enough) and I was tinkering with it for seven months before I purchased my domain. I'll also blog about this...but I found that the month I did this, I felt more official as I was approaching my site. It was less my musings about life, and more about how can I add value to the world and make life better for my viewership.

I hope you found this helpful! In feed that which you want! If you're an entrepreneur, you'll find a way to grow your business...even on a budget!

Cheers to the No Excuses Life!!

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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