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Getting More Beautifully Organized: The Path To Peace

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

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Welcome back to the blog!!

One of the beautiful things about the quarantine is that the downtime actually gives you time to get organized. With limited access to everything on the planet, you're actually forced to face yourself and start doing a few things that you previously didn't have time to do. For the past two months I've been doing the following two items in my free-er time: Decluttering and Organizing. I managed to organize both the physical realm and my mind. Don't worry...this article isn't about to turn into any deep philosophical lesson, I just started realizing that by simplifying certain aspects of my mind, I am now living a happier life. The Universe in general is an organized structure, and I'm finding that the more organized I am, the more in flow I am with the flow of life. Let's look at two aspects of life that I've been making incremental progress in.


Beautifully Organized Luxury Food On A Dime
Repurposed Coffee Bottle Mason Jars

Here they are...the Pantry Twins. I love anything with a pop of gold on it...including onions. As the woman with the world's smallest pantry in May 2020, at least I can attest that my pantry space is actually quite organized. At the beginning of the year, I discovered that we had two bottles of Nescafe Gold in our inventory. All I knew then...was that I wanted them. I didn't know what I was planning to do with them initially, but eventually...four months later inspiration spoke to me and I managed to re-purpose them into Mason Jars. With the two jars, I've managed to soak and remove the labels, decorate the tops of the jars with some beans (which make beautiful affordable beads actually) and filled the bottles with some sugar and rice. The mason jars do look absolutely beautiful, and I organize the space in order to ensure that they are the focal point of the unit.


I have always lived in an organized home. You never appreciate certain things until you yourself are in charge of your own existence. I honestly find that I can't manage without some level of order and routine. I've actually managed to take the time to create the following systems for the house:

Yard Management Systems: There are two activities that I'm currently engaged in at the house. These are the the general maintenance activities that include mowing the lawn. I do this activity fortnightly in cycles around the yard just to make sure that the lawn is in tip top shape. I look at mowing the lawn as an occasional project. An operational project that I work on every other day is my garden. With a nursery and plant beds to manage, there is a rotation system in place, that ensures that we are properly transitioning the seedlings to the soil and growing the vegetable garden. We have an inventory system for various aspects of the lawn (gas for the mower, potting soil, gloves), and pretty much ensure that we keep all items in stock to keep the yard in order. I've decided to create a list of items that I'll be doing in these various spheres just to ensure that the activity is operating in a seamless fashion.

Home Inventory: The major shop for the household takes place once per month at large retailers such as MegaMart and PriceSmart here in Kingston, Jamaica. For the more perishable items, we purchase these items once per week. Everyone has their own personal needs and for my personal likes such as pastries, snacks and other delicacies, I do my weekly shop at the supermarket. I've actually started tracking my consumption from a budget perspective. I am planning to invest in my own place, and I'm currently keeping track of certain costs so that I'll be able to budget accordingly for the future activity. While I'm at the house, it's a practical exercise to see how best I can optimize the various grocery expenditures, keep the pantry stocked, and keep myself nourished. Where possible, I take the time to purchase different brands of the same product and identify the price to quality points that work best for me. In some weeks, I'll substitute my daily bread for things like cream of wheat cereals and note the difference in my budget even though I'm still able to fulfill the requirement of breakfast. The mason jars to house the foods as I purchase them. I like having an aesthetically pleasing pantry.


To make my life more organized, I take about three hours in the morning to ensure that I'm organized. While I make my breakfast for about two days per week, I actually take the time to do one load of laundry while the breakfast is being prepared. By the time I've finished making breakfast, I take the time to place the clothes on the line to dry, and then proceed with the rest of my day. In our household, we currently line dry because it's sustainable. While the sun shines, you can use the line in order to save on electricity costs.

By taking the time to operate more than one activity in parallel, at the end of a few hours I find that I accomplish twice as much as I would have if I'd done the tasks in sequence. Sometimes we feel like we're overwhelmed by things, but by taking the time to divide and conquer and simply be organized you can achieve up to twice the production capacity.

By doing all of this activity...staying more organized, I find that I'm at peace, happier and in a state of flow through life.


About a month ago, I started feeling overwhelmed. I was on about seven or eight social media platforms. Having to attend to the various sites actually started to induce a level of anxiety in me. People pay attention to you on your social platforms. There are some platforms where people can pay extra attention to you. In my opinion, I've found sites like WhatsApp to be quite invasive to my privacy and I decided to remove myself from the platform, as well as Facebook. Since doing this...and minimizing my online presence, I feel less pressured, more in control of my social media experiences and actually free of people from the past who still had access to me via that platform. A part of me likes to move forward, and once I've left a situation, like a job, I tend to want to release myself from people from that particular time. With sites like WhatsApp, people are still connected to you once they have your number. I now operate all business projects via Skype and Zoom for the sake of privacy. You don't want your business and your personal life to intermingle.

Making this social media declutter has made me a happier person.


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My current work look of the week is the Bantu Knot Hairstyle. While I was looking through Pinterest, I saw this look and felt it would work for this work week where I'm pretty much working from home and not wanting my hair to be in my face. This past weekend was my wash day and I took the time to wash my hair, and then spend about a half an hour creating all my knots. I sat in the semi-shade, let the breeze blow on me, watched some YouTube videos and allowed my hair to air dry.

For the work week, I find that this is a very beautiful style. I took the time to accessorize the look with some statement gold earrings, as well as a really lovely beaded necklace. I was going for the bronzed goddess look and it turned out pretty well as I put together the look. For working at home, you can pretty much wear this look with a maxi dress. I have this look for about three times for the week. When I'm client facing, I take the time to actually put on a jacket and dress up my appearance to have a more corporate ambience.

With my outfits and meals planned for the week, I think we're officially in business!! Have a good, organized and peaceful week! Try any of the above that works for you!!


**Dr T**

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