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Getting Things Done in 2019!!!

Getting It Together in 2019

Happy New Year!!!

The New Year brings with it a sense of NEWNESS. There's never a better time to feel like a fresh start than at the start of a new calendar year. While changes can be made at any time, I've never been immune to the New Year spirit, I revel in it. As a confession...I fell asleep before the New Year started ( the exam disclaimer persists...I am out by 9 pm without fail) and woke up to find chocolates and Pink Moscato in the after a round of exercise on the Tuesday morning...that's how my personal celebrations went down. The rest of the household had their own personal activity flow. I'm still here listening to the sound of my own inner voice. I'm getting good at this as I mature. As a current Kingstonian...typically New Year's is celebrated in one of three main ways:

1) New Year's Party - Either at home parties...or any mainstream party does the trick.

2) Down Town Fireworks - Haven't kept up with this activity recently but the first few years we'd usually be the first family at the waterfront. After getting tired of the crowds...we'd drive to Port Royal to watch the proceedings from Morgan's Harbour.

3) Quietly on my neighbor's road. Living in the hills, if we drive 45 seconds down the road to our neighbors...we can see the same fireworks from the higher vantage point. We just sit in the car and watch the fireworks. After that we drive the 45 seconds back to the house and then have cake and wine. Lololol. If you ask why we don't just's because it's midnight and they have dogs.

As I said...all that was foregone this year!!! Which doesn't mean that I've forgotten. It's all just on pause. With each phase of life...certain sacrifices must be made. 2019 is my restoration and recovery all of that will be resumed once life stabilizes. Now that I'm in a position to determine the course of my own destiny, I've accepted that the year itself is finite, and that I must take daily actions in order to manifest my dreams. This introduces us to the yearly planner.

This simple tool, often overlooked, is my guiding light. I'm an Operations Manager by one critical tool that's utilized is the tool of accountability via tracking. If organizations track their hourly production...why would we not take accountability for our own lives? Every hour counts towards the achievement of your destiny. The one quote that drives me is "You either live your own dreams...or someone else's dreams." The power is in your hands. This simple awareness should be the driving force for your activities across the year. Having visions...I've made an effort to be accountable for my year. I do things approximately six months in advance, so that I'm not disappointed in September. I have a five year mission that I'm currently working on. As I mentioned, if you listen to enough successful people, they'll tell you their secrets...and highlight that there's no magic...simply hard work and a good plan. I've accepted my fate and simply allow myself to unfold in my own life's flow. I'd implore you to adopt a similar strategy if you haven't already done so.

As simple as this sounds...there are persons who allow themselves to be derailed by various things in life. In the year that I've had to reflect, I've met "adversity" in the upper middle class version of the term...but via the process of filtration and a plan...just pressed on with the vision in mind. Groupthink is an interesting concept that I've encountered...and I'm currently like a salmon swimming upstream. A wise man once said..."You have to have the courage to put on your Bose headphones...and just block out the world!!!" Thanks...I paid attention and applied the principle. I literally do this daily and grind. Against the odds....via goals are being I'm not just talking. I've been embodying the truths that the greats have imparted on us. Success is really accomplished in silence. I will never claim to be perfect...but there's order in my being now that I've gained more focus for my life. If you haven't planned the year yet...I'd implore you to have a vision of what you'd like to this time next year to be. Time is passing...and the new year always comes.

Happy New Year!!! Happy Achieving!!!



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