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#Goals: Audi TT

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Happy Monday!!!

From yesterday's YouTube all know that motivation is necessary...because yours truly is tired. I've decided that I needed motivation...and in terms of the usual plans...I woke up at 3 am and listened to motivational tapes...and fell asleep to motivational subliminals around 5 am this morning. Monday is my day off so I take the time to simply flow before I begin the day's proceedings.

Speaking of motivation, there are certain things that I used to do when I was in school, that I'm doing now that help me to maximize the day. I thought now would be the perfect time for me to tell you my Audi TT story. Yours truly did my Chemical Engineering training in England. I'm a University of Leeds graduate ( Leeds...I see you are having some big international parties this The alumni committee are hype...even though I've never attended any of their events. I just still get the emails!). When I was at Leeds, I lived at Grayson Heights...which was postgraduate housing about two miles away from uni. It's funny how I can take the bus now without thinking...thanks to life at Leeds. I've been fortunate...that whenever I leave the house and move to a new's been brand new. When I moved to Leeds, Old Harbor and to Cleveland...all those places were brand new and I was the first to live in them. Hopefully this is my luck this upcoming semester.

I went to Leeds when I was 24 years young...and up until then...taking the bus was something that I refused to do. I had to DRIVE everywhere...and be driven. The whole purpose of turning seventeen was to get that driver's LICENSE. That uptown life...till you move away from So any bus passes cost us the lovely price of 99 pounds for the semester. My house mate thought it would better spent at places like Primark or the we started...walking to school to save money. This was in semester two.

The only time that we used public transport was to go really long distances like to York after semester two. And so walk we did. We found a little path through a neighborhood nearby, and on the way through the neighborhood there was a law firm. Beside the law firm there was the law firms parking lot...and as far as I knew...there wasn't a car dealership beside the law firm...yet I saw about 6 Audi TT's parked in that lot every morning, and then other regular cars beside them.

You can't really miss the TT...see above...and you can't really miss six of them in one parking lot if you walk past the same building every day. After a while...your mind starts to process things...and I realized that all the PARTNERS of the firm were the ones that drove the Audis and the aspiring partners were the ones that drove the normal cars in the lot. As a young Chemical Engineering student...I saw the potential in myself from that simple morning observation.

So I walked into the school...with a purpose. It's funny how the current condition with the houses down the road...are doing the same thing for me. I kid you not...the two house I featured are literally about 13 minutes walk from here. When I walk past that house with the inner entrepreneur says..."Yes...that's the one!" That's the type of house we're going to live in.

I learned the concept of live visualization via the book The Secret. I read it and watched the movie right before I went to Leeds. Now's a good time for us all to sharpen the vision...if you're feeling a little tired like myself.

Tomorrow...week nine I should have energy!!! Running some errands this morning...and then returning home to clean. You know how it is!!! She cleans...under duress:) 5.5 months to go!!! Have a good week!!!


**Dr T**

P.S. Pray for my parents. They keep trying to get me a job...and yours truly wants her PhD. I'll be HAPPIER that route trust me....and they are trying to control my I've posted every sage I could think of on my Whatsapp status to say..."I want to control my destiny" Part two of why I keep my phone OFF. At what point does one fully control their own life?

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