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#Goals: BMW X6 AND the 3 Series

Image Credits: BMW of Australia

Happy Sunday!!! is the day that we DREAM. I am not sponsored by BMW (yet)...but I thought now would be an interesting time to tell the tale that happened earlier this week. Some version of the image above is what I saw when I was crossing the road on Tuesday evening. The cars also just happened to be same color which is why the visual stood out so vividly to me. This occurred right after I finished my first lab stream for the week. I believe in the power of dreams. Right life is unfolding...I literally am that person that finds motivation in the day by saying things like "Successful people do...what other people won't" and any other random positive thought that I can find that will allow me to navigate my day in a fashion that is unhindered by other people's energy. If you listen to other people's opinions you will easily become bogged down by the general insecurity of the masses. The only time you realize how much energy it takes to be when you're actually going through the process of accomplishing something great. The opposition is real...but that's why you need the activation energy to overcome the hurdle. Once you surpass the hard start me! You have to be led by your dream. Today is the day...that I suspend reality and allow life to unfold.

I must apologize for my YouTube uploads. I've now decided that I'm recording on Sundays...when the house is empty. So by 8/9pm central, you guys will have my weekly update. It's week six you'll have all the updates for the week, as well as what I'm foreseeing for the future (week). My landlady is also away at by recording in her absence...I avoid the thoughts that elderly people think when they hear millennials talking to a camera:) Yes...these things do happen to me! She's a bit miserable as I mentioned...and I need peace on Earth. when I clean under duress...because I'm not allowed to clean the house on a Sunday. It's her day of rest and the entire house must rest with her. Six months!!!

Back to the image!!! I am by no means a deep car enthusiast...I just know what I like in terms of the appearance and utility. Any millennial who followed the Fast and the Furious series long enough will have that desire in their being to at least go racing down a highway every once in a while. Yours truly loves to press I guess one day I'll go on the autobahn. Lol. When I had Ruby...I avoided at least two tickets - one as I was approaching Kingston, and the other in the middle as I was approaching Vineyards toll booth. It was just luck and grace that saved me. You know when you leave the house to run errands...and then it starts looking like it's going to rain? I was in a hurry back to the house before the "storm"...when I was stopped. Thankfully...they believed me and let me go. I am honest. Lol.

So any X6 obsession began back in 2012. In my neighborhood...yours truly decided to join the Citizen's Association. For the life of me...I was the youngest person on this committee...and it became more of a social event than a productive session. ( I wonder if this is where my fear of meetings came from? I honestly can't stand I was circa 27, and the entire committee average age was 45. Lol. I was assistant to the secretary...and this was before I started working and had just come back from Leeds. The perk of the job was that the president of the Citizen's Association would carry me home every week...and she drove...a (you guessed it)...a BMW X6.

So yours truly decided by the second week of being assistant secretary...that eventually I'd like to have one. The mental fleet is getting larger as you can see. The X6 and the GLC coupe have a similar feel...although the GLC feels more SOLID. It's still my first choice...but I have explored. As someone who worked for Alcoa for three years...I know that practically all car bodies are made of aluminum for fuel efficiency...but when you look at the GLC and the X6...the X6 looks "softer". It drives like a dream though since I was driven around in one for a good year. The specs are found here if you want to delve into how much horsepower there is...etc. I've never really been a fan of sedans...since I'm a roadie...and love the off-road adventures....but if I had to choose sedans...I'll go for an Audi. There's also a background story to that we'll talk about it in two weeks time!!

In terms of today...following the advice of my landlady ( I do quietly work on my projects all day Sunday since I sleep on Saturdays for the most part) find one day in the week when you can really rest yourself. Once you do this the energy to accomplish your week's mission for the other six days will be amazingly greater. I always feel more energized on a Sunday. Sometimes...we're just used to being on the go...and every once in a's good to allow ourselves to simply BE.

Enjoy the Sunday! Later on...the video will be published. Thank God for peace today. I hope she's out till 3 pm or so:)


**Dr T**

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