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#Goals: Dreaming BIG in 2019

Happy Sunday!!!

When I'm not at work...yours truly likes to relax and dream about the future. They say you must treat your current condition as the evolving version of you...not as a static condition. As you beautiful people know...I've moved out of town in order to help me accomplish my mission and be independent at the same time. I don't know how these things happen...but just down the road from me (literally three minutes walk) the affluent area on Trenton Road in May Pen. The area I live in now...feels exactly like my neighborhood...but due to security reasons...I chose not to film near the house.

Since I'm liberated now...I'm able to start expanding...and simply explore the surroundings near me...and DREAM. When I was in Cleveland...there was an area near me called Coventry...and it has a similar feel to where I am in May Pen. When you drive though Coventry...all you feel like doing is turning into a designer and imaging how you'd decorate the space. It's the classic case of any house there will do:) You literally envision yourself having Christmas parties and summer pool parties in the back. Lol. As I travel to work in the morning...on Trenton Road...I pass through a series of homes...which give me Coventry vibe as well and at least ten of them...could pass for my dream home. These beautiful structures give me life each morning...and this morning...yours truly decided to take the five minute walk and simply start envisioning what I want...two years from now when I'm finally settled down. Feast your eyes with me:)

When I leave the house...I simply take a left...and in less than ten minutes...I arrive at display number one...above. This property is a DREAM. There's a small fountain in the front. Room for a four car garage... definitely a sophisticated baller's paradise. This is motivation number one for this week's hustle!!!

Another three minute walk down the road...introduces us to...display number two...below:) This is another yes in my dream book!! It's right on a nook a little way down from house number one. I plan to walk here every Sunday...and find more motivation. Aside from the fact that the exercise rejuvenates me...I also have energy to accomplish things...and be motivated at work!! Since I don't have to think about work until Tuesday morning circa 3 am...I tend to convert my being into dream mode once I'm home for the three days.

What do you do to keep you motivated!!! My Sunday morning one simple and easy thing that I do to keep myself inspired:)

Have a peaceful Sunday!!!


**Dr T** - Future Home Owner

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