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#Goals: Funding the Dream

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Happy Sunday!!!

I woke up feeling happy and mellow today! I hope that you all are doing well on this good good Sun-Day!!! Even it's not sunny where you are, do make an effort to enjoy it. I didn't walk today. I walked yesterday! My schedule changed somewhat...and I'm home on Sundays in order to fulfill my rest requirements. There's a lot on my I tend to settle down and filter once I'm at home. My video will be published later in the you guys know. By 8 pm CST it's up. I tend to have it uploading behind the scenes while I'm working on other things. The one thing that I miss about home is HIGH speed internet. At home...a ten minute video will upload in literally less than ten minutes. Where I am in May Pen...the same video will upload in two hours. Lol. Knowing the current constraint...I don't rush...but just let the system do what it does...while I study. Either that or let it upload while I sleep.

What I thought would be a good idea is for us to talk about funding the dream. When yours truly was seventeen, my parents gave me the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. Essentially, the book was outlining the different tiers of persons in the local and global economy. As a general disclaimer... I grew up upper middle class...with Ivy League attending I honestly don't know struggle...but I am ambitious enough to know that I can do better than my parents did in their generation. My challenge is to be the best that I can be...after having stood on the shoulders of giants. I don't know every thing...was sheltered...but unlike my parents...who worked for others for their whole careers...I want my own business because of the autonomy and freedom that it brings. I think the majority of millennials have this drive to own their lives. I am not exempt!

Image Credits: Google Images

From a very young age, from the book... the image to the left was engrained into my young mind. For this reason...since I learned the ins and outs of the economy from early...I tended to be one of those who vered towards investing, and business ventures even when I had a job. I am the same now. When I was an engineer, instead of spending my bonuses on things like furniture...I'd invest in things like Google stocks. Over time...I also found myself a little more rebellious than my colleagues because I knew what games were being played...and that employers always wanted to maximize the employee contributions with the minimum pay.

You might recall the previous discussion I had about having had to work as two engineers in one for three months. It was tiring...and the feedback when I complained...wasn't taken lightly. The bosses actually thought that I was being ungrateful...even though yours truly was there on the brink of burnout. After that experience...the thrill of owning my own time is what has bubbled within me ever since. The reason I left my job to start my MBA also has to do with the fact that I love owning my destiny. Working for others limits your earning potential, and if your earning potential is limited, the experiences that you have access to will be limited as well. Knowing this...if you want to live the life of your is best to learn how to have your money work for you. This is where the business and investing side of your being must be exercised. To the best of my ability, once per month I'll delve into the business side of life. I am a former MBA student and did Corporate Finance twice on my journey. The beauty about that you can also be self taught. We learned various investment tennets, which I'll fuse with business opportunities available to us all, and we'll also do a few calculations that will enable the thinking process, and investment decision making process to make sense to us all.

One of the first lessons in dream building that I learned...was the simple process of working outside of the office. Working from home is the biggest blessing bestowed on modern men and women. Freedom is what we all want...and once I discovered that is was possible to work from home...I've been doing it ever since. There were two websites that enabled me to work from home. Writing from the female experience, I know many women who want to be able to leave their jobs, and have the flexibility to still earn money without being dependent on their significant others. The best site that I can recommend for working from home is I've used Upwork since 2012...and this is how as a student, I didn't have to do things like work at McDonald's in order to earn money. I earned enough money to pay rent, utilities and feed myself, fly to and from Cleveland to Jamaica via this medium. The positions that I was able to work in included:

Technical Writer - I earned about $200 per week doing this


Customer Service Representative - Facebook marketing

The positions available are both full time and part-time, and you can easily replace the income from your job using this medium. Additionally, you can start a business on the medium. is also another great site...though as a professional, I find Upwork to be more conducive to that corporate feel. You simply create your home office (something cute like in the image above) and get to work! Once you begin...the process of owning your own small consulting business...gets addictive. I currently have a small pool of three dedicated clients. This is what I do...when I'm not at work:)

Once you finish, and have the flexibility to work on your own time...the next step is to earn passive income. We'll talk about that in a new article! I've been really loving watching YouTubers like Odi talk about passive income. Explore the two sites...create a profile, or even share with someone who feels that they are seeking new ventures. If you already work...and want additional income, a part time activity on Upwork that earns you an extra $100 or more per week is possible via these mediums. You just have to make the time.

I'll do a demo about opening an account,and creating a profile on Upwork in April. For now...feel free to search the YouTube medium for more details on the system! Still a little busy with school...but I decided to plant the seed and start talking about financial freedom!

I love you for reading:) Enjoy the week!!


**Dr T**

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