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#Goals: Returning to the Hyatt Ziva

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Happy Sunday,

Yours truly...did not walk this morning:) Additionally, if you're here from my YouTube channel, pardon the delay...I did not post yesterday. I'll record and publish a video later today. I'm just having one of those weeks. If you recall from Tuesday night when I had to camp out at the body is seeking more rest! I'm having those weekends where you feel like not leaving the house and just hibernating. I still have things to do...but am full doing them on a go slow.

I thought now would be a good time to sprinkle in some of my more high end vacation experiences. It's times like these...when I'm rebuilding...that I look back on what I've that when Monday comes...I'll have more energy to tackle the week ahead.

As a Kingstonian, I'd mentioned the all island treks both with my family, and when I had my own car. I've also done the group trips. On one special occasion, I went to a conference in Montego Bay, at the Hyatt Ziva with a group. This was back in 2015, the year before I started my MBA. The property image is shown above. Historically, the Hyatt Ziva used to be The Ritz-Carlton property in Montego Bay. They changed ownership the year that I I pretty much experienced the hotel as a brand new entity.

The Hyatt Ziva is actually part of a twin set of hotels. Not shown in the image is the Hyatt Zilara which would be to the right hand side of the Ziva. You can actually walk between the two properties. In terms of offerings the Ziva is a family hotel, while the Zilara is for adults only. You can consider these two facts when assessing which one would be ideal based on your family stage. It's an A-class property and I highly recommend the Ziva/Zilara if you want an all inclusive experience in Jamaica. You fly into Donald Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, and can be shuttled to the hotel.

My stay at the Hyatt Ziva was beyond words. Based on the conference accommodation at the time...I managed to get a couple's room at the conference. Typically conference packages allow you to share with up to four people...and I wasn't up to that life. Because I was using the vacation as a getaway from the busy life I had as process engineer, I opted to spend the extra money and accept the extra space. Since you guys know that I'm always dreaming...I took the time to visualize that I'd return to the Ziva with my husband when the time came. I always try things ahead of time. Lol. Let me go ahead and describe what the room was like. The week cost me about US $2500.00 inclusive of room service for the week. This was about four years 2019 prices might a little bit different. Factor in things like inflation. I did pay attention in econ:)

The suite I had...was EVERYTHING. I was on one of the higher floors so had a balcony view similar to that in the image. I was in the left wing in the image. You'd walk into the room...and to the left would be the mini bar and kitchenette. It was fully stocked with the usual - local alcohol like Appleton and the international favorites that we are all used to such as Absolut, Johnnie Walker etc. There were also snacks ( I ate a lot of chocolate) and tea and coffee. The bar was restocked every day as per I took whatever I craved.

Further in, on the same side was a couple's closet. There was space for two as I mentioned, so two suitcase racks, as well as two sides for hanging clothes, the safe, and space for an ironing board. If you felt like of simply asked the concierges to iron your clothes, or to launder what was necessary.

Directly across from the closet was a couple's bathroom. This was where I literally lived. I had a soak every night:) As you opened the door...straight ahead were the twin sinks people! Marble countertops, and the his and hers sections marked. There were two sets of toiletries, two sets of towels. To the right was the water closet and shower. To the left was a gorgeous deep tub. As a I mentioned...I literally had a soak every night after all the conference proceedings. I can't remember the brand of the bathroom products...but I took all of mine home to savor that experience.

In the room itself was the Queen sized bed, in a nook of the room by a wall. The theme is really tropical. That print with the large green leaves (you all know what I'm talking about) is on both the curtains and the bed. There's a desk and an armchair and plenty of space to walk around before you head unto the balcony. On the balcony are two lounge chairs and a small table.

Because I needed rest...I had breakfast and lunch in the room (we got about two hours between conference activities at lunch) so I'd return to the room and recline and order room service at lunch time in order to regain my energy. In the evenings I'd join the group and do the group activities. The hotel has several open restaurants, and buffets in the nights. There are also private restaurant options, where you book your reservation ahead of time. There is also the usual entertainment in the night. We were there at a special moment in Jamaica's history so the entertainment was themed to those independence celebrations. There were singers, dancers, the works!!!

The hotel is always a buzz...but you can find your own serenity if you seek. If you look in the image, you'll see a small path to the left of the image. This path leads to a gazebo on the beach. If you're not into too much excitement, the beach, at the front of the image is always quiet. The pool is the busy area. The hotel also tends to have activities such as yoga at the gazebo in the mornings circa 5 those who love such a setting would enjoy the ability to clear their minds in nature.

All in all, the experience was memorable and worth repeating.

Have a good week ahead!!


**Dr T**

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