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#Goals: The Mercedes Benz GLC Coupe

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Happy Sunday,

If you're part of the ForeverLuxury movement, you'll realize that Sunday is the day that we rest, suspend reality for a minute...and allow dream! Every week...I'll feature one luxury item that's stood out for me in the preceding week. As we all embark on our life journey...sometimes it helps to have a little motivation. Last week, I'd taken a walk through the nearby affluent area on Trenton Road in May Pen and I'd identified two houses that I am absolutely in love with. I pass them every day on the way to work...and they are literally about a ten minute walk from where I currently rent my studio. Trust me...they are a breath of fresh air...especially the house with the fountain. It gives me life every morning as I get ready to tutor. As you're approaching...the house literally appears out of nowhere and you wonder if you're really in the country. Lololol. When you have a can endure any path to your destiny. And for the record...I want to be a consultant not a professor. We already had that Don Cheadle demo of who I really am. Go Team Consulting!!!

I'd mentioned last week that even though I live in the country...I'm only a forty minute drive from Kingston via the Highway 2000. I'll show you the highway when we go on vacation in June. It's literally five minutes from the house, so transport access is pretty easy from my location. When I was at home as I mentioned...being in the hills...I'd have to wait till my brother's car was available and then ask for permission to go to Manor Park or to Mall and Tropical Plaza to go shopping. I worked online from home from January to August 2018...and we'll talk about that later on in the blog's flow. After a year...I started feeling with my move...I can now get up and go shopping when I please without asking for permission.

My car Ruby was a brand new 2013 Suzuki Celerio. With you guys help...she was sold on June 27, 2018. I had a release party on my YouTube channel last year for those who recall. I practically sold everything so that I could return to Cleveland lighter. After not having a car for about two years...I've started missing the freedom. I'm now mentally preparing to purchase a car in 2020. If you ever listen to Tony Robbins speak...he tells you that when you're looking for something...all you'll see is that item...because you're activating the reticular activation system in your brain.

For some interesting reason...all over soon as we approach Hope Road...I literally see about ten to fifteen of the Mercedes Benz GLC Coupes before I reach work, and on the return journey home. I wish this blog article was sponsored by them...but this is just me visualizing. See image above. If you drive on either Waterloo Road or through Cross also see the live ads...and I'm pretty'll agree with me that the Coupe is a beauty!! Between this and the Porsche a similar vibe but GLC is more sporty. I think the Cayenne is the car you'd get when you're retiring...versus the GLC is the one you'd get when you're about to start your family. Channelling my aunt. Lol. Dorothy Perkins vs Top Shop/Zara. Comfort, utility and sophistication are embodied in the GLC Coupe. I see myself driving one...a year from now.

Extracted from Edmund's - an auto analyst site the following are a few of the pros and cons of the GLC Coupe, if you're in the market for a vehicle right now:


Elegant and premium interior design

Excellent balance between agile handling and a comfortable ride

Abundant driver safety aids work great

Four- and six-cylinder engines are fuel-efficient for the class


Less useful cargo area than in regular GLC

Infotainment controls aren't always easy to use

Rear headroom isn't great, especially in the middle

Hard to brake smoothly

For those who are currently just looking, I think it's a great option to consider if you have a family, but still want that feeling of sophistication as carry out your life's activities of working, shopping and exploring.

Have a good week ahead!!! Song of the day with a Coupe reference: Rick Flair Drip


**Dr T**

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