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Going All In!!

Welcome back to the blog!!

I hope the day finds you well. The image above is a calabash tree. If you've ever received an organic piggy bank...or jewellry case...more than likely the original pod would have been from a tree like the above. These are scattered all over my undergraduate campus.

This was a rough week for the entire me on this one!! Life goes on...and you just have to will yourself to focus on the positive in life. This uploaded on a Friday so you know what that's travel time!! Leaving the confines of home this week, I decided to take a little time...and start building out my tour of my Alma Mater...The University of the West Indies. I've already gone ahead and vlogged part one, so feel free to see a few sights in the location where I attended my undergraduate studies.

Interestingly...lots and lots has changed since I was in undergrad. New faculties added (Faculty of Engineering), new buildings added to accommodate new students (the Schools of Business, Law and Medicine all have huge new buildings which you'll see in my new vlog). Witnessing both the building of the sites as well as the current utilization is something that I've thoroughly observed both as a student in the buildings and also an onlooker. There is definitely a lot to embrace in the evolution and I hope you enjoy the tour!!

I ramble a just letting the pictures talk this post. I'm taking the weekend to reflect...for good we'll talk again Monday:) I need a moment:) I believe...we're all still in shock!! I literally used to email the Lakers as a games with my commentary!!

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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