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Growing and Expanding: Living Your Best Life

"Commit to thinking like the minority...not the majority."

Welcome back to the blog!!

I hope this new day finds you well!! Get in here...get in here!! I've been listening to advice over the past few months and really taking the time to ensure that I'm living a happier, healthier life. I thought now would be a good time for me to give a brief business update, before we resume our normal flow across the week. I'm getting busier across the days. I've been on a hiatus from full time work for the past two years, and now that I'm home, I can allow myself to focus fully on my job hunt. For those who are in this boat, there are a few steps that I'm taking to ensure that I accomplish my mission.

1) Keep yourself OPEN to opportunities

I haven't been doing nothing for the past few months. I was teaching undergraduate Chemistry last year, and left the job in April of 2019. I was bigger than the job, and wanted more challenges...and quite frankly...a little more fun!! I fulfilled what I went there to do. I came. I saw. I conquered! The vision I had for myself wasn't to be a teacher, it was to be an entrepreneur. As a scientist, I admire individuals like Elon Musk. I started ForeverLuxury in 2016, and via a series of iterations, finally found my flow in 2019. It takes time for a vision to come to life. My intention for 2019 in September was to return to business school (I have an acceptance on deferrence to Hult International Business School) and it just didn't manifest at the time that I wanted. I surrendered, and returned order to ground myself. I had my own place, but I didn't like the landlady, and home was the best place that I could think of to allow myself to focus solidly on the vision that I have for myself as an entrepreneur.

As if on cue...being home was the best decision I made towards the end of 2019...because opportunities came to me...that I didn't have when I was in May Pen. If you recall...because the majority of my family and friends are in Kingston, I started receiving invitations to events and simply attended them as I was called. I was invited to Create and Sip...and learned to make jewellry. I also attended a work conference, and have a consulting project that I'm working on a result of this activity. Life is a flow...and you just trust your instincts.

In the my morning walks...I run into neighbors and talk (you know I can ramble in my Instastories and mini and opportunities to help people are stemming forth from these activities. If you ever watched Sesame Street ( I shamelessly did this up into my teens!!)...Bert and Ernie had a song called "Stick out your hand and say might meet someone just like you...who's really great to know!!" So yes...I talk to my neighbors...and network honey! Who do you know? As I share my story, and help people, I'm finding that my career is just starting to blossom. What you feel is a tiny seed, evolves into something greater if only you will water it. Talk to people!!


As you all know...I also have a LinkedIn Series. And to some...I subconsciously feel like I'm LinkedIn's most wanted. Most of the feed there is static...and here I come with my smiling face...all happy and chirpy about I really like to consult. If you ever watched that Don Cheadle series on management consulting...that's the vibe I have when I meet my clients. Growing up...I loved The Power Rangers (shout to Zack...the black ranger...he was hot!!) The Power Rangers always said..."It's morphin' time!!" Every kid on my block went nuts when Power Rangers came on!! The Power Rangers...even went on tour and I was vexed because my parents wouldn't let me go when they came to Jamaica.

For consulting...thanks to the Power Rangers...I tell my troops..."It's Consulting Time!!" Cheesy I know...but it hypes me up and gets me to deliver my themes in a fun way!! You have to bring your passion to all you do!! Grown people seem so disillusioned by life...and I think the key is to always ensure you keep a little bit of the things that made you enjoy your childhood...into your adult experiences!! Imagination is everything!! One of my besties in undergrad...happens to watch the series. Lo...and behold gentle folks...he's a teacher. All I yammer about on LinkedIn is Engineering and Operations...and one Sunday a few weeks ago... he asked me to give a talk to his Associate Engineering students on how to plan their careers. Another opening that came about...because I was open and sharing.

3) Listen to PEOPLE

As you all know...she loves...STORYTIME!!! Interestingly, one of my favorite YouTubers is diverse enough to offer advice on relationships, finances and just living in general. I started paying attention to the financial advice given, and set myself a few financial goals for 2020 towards the end of 2019. Some are coming to life now...thankfully. I make goals, then the plans...and take action as needed. I'm more careful with money after my previous business school escapade (I literally felt like I landed in Cleveland and winged, and currently pretty much just allow myself to ensure that I'm making more sound decisions. Now that I'm thinking business and family...I'm more careful with money. I honestly lived...and it's time to be grounded and responsible!! I took a course in finance in my MBA attempt...and the plan for 2020 is to simply:

a) Make MONEY

b) Keep MONEY

c) Grow MONEY

I listen to finance audiobooks as I work. There are various online and real world business applications I'm currently looking into. If you're young and want to dabble in business network marketing is a great place to "practice". There's minimal commitment, minimal investment, great systems, and if you don't like it you can always change to either another system, or start your own business. I've tested a few of the businesses and trust me...all the principles are the same. If you stick to'll make it!! You can save time, by utilizing pre-existing systems. If you're more can always start a franchise. Interestingly...I worked at Subway for a few weeks, and at one point...I had an active imagination and wanted to purchase a franchise in Florida.

If you don't want to do can work online. As you all know...I do work part time on, and for a few days per week have external consulting clients. As you seek, and as you listen to people and what they've done, you learn how to pull yourself to greater heights. With the advent of the internet...there are so many things to do! I thank all my inspirations (yes...I'm still here celebrating the life of Kobe Bryant...the Mamba mentality is everything. I'm dedicating my Whatsapp picture to him for all of February. He really was the GOAT...and I'm now back to waking up at 4 am) Via sound principles, progress will always be made!!

I've been pretty busy as you all know...but sticking to my posting schedule!! I do all my filming on Mondays...and have them scheduled for you lovely folks, so that our flow won't be disrupted. I hope this helped you!! Next post...we're back to Fashion and Styling!!

My cover image for this from my business school visualization exercise!! If you go on can make your own Vogue cover if you're into fashion, download it...print it...and paste it to your visionboard!!

I love you for reading!! She's getting organized people!! I'm more consistent with my YouTube keep checking there!! I'm trying!!


**Dr T**

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