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Hair Care: Your Crowning Glory

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Your hair is your crowning glory. Yesterday my darlings, I was telling the tale how yours truly needs to get her hair braided. The above image is exactly why. Yours truly has the mane of Diana Ross. Don't judge...I'm here trying to pose like Tyra on America's Next Top Model. I won't claim to be a pro! I'm sure every girl...since probably the age of seven...has wanted to be a model. I took the above...out of sheer idleness one random Tuesday...and I never deleted it off my phone. It looked like something that a student from Edna Manley School of the Visual Arts would have taken. Yours truly sat there going..."Wow...I like the semi-monochrome!" It's the most artistic thing I spontaneously I kept it. You have to learn to admire something you've done...once in a

I digressed!! Now that I have a little more time in the summer, I really want to take some more care of my hair. Cue "Whip my Hair!!" In my videos...I tend to wear wigs...but trust me...she has hair. I always find it funny that the people with the longest hair ( I'm sure we've all seen Beyonce's natural hair) tend to wear wigs for protective styling. I want to get back to that stage of life...and keep my hair braided for the rest of the year. I'm currently around 20 inches stretched...and want to keep going.

As a start, with my natural hair, I tend to currently allow myself to co-wash it. I've been watching all the hair videos and am absorbing the mantra. "Your hair is like a need to water it!" In yesterday's video we discussed clothing options. The models had their hair styled in various styles. For summer...yours truly will rock braids...and when I'm ready for the board room...revert to the wig life for a more sleek and professional look. I find that braids...also add that fun and versatility. Say it with me..."Thou shalt not be boring!!" Write that on your wedding vows...and post on you and hubby's bedside tables, mirrors and car seats when the babies come. In terms of yours truly's hair history...I've done it all from Jerry Curls to dreads. The latter...has to do with the fact that I am a dancer and grew up in the arts. For she is at 25. I pretty much stayed that age once I reached choice.

So bright eyed and busy tailed!!! I still have all that energy by the way. I do believe that we're too millennials to be miserable. If you don't have things like should give thanks! This image was a photoshoot taken by my bestie in Leeds at the I soon talk about the girl chats we had. I am an honorary Greek thanks to that city. There is my mane in it's crowning glory. Don't ask me why...but when I came home...I took two weeks...and undid each one. I then reverted back to dreads...and then one big chop...which led me to the above today.

Since then...I made the corporate transition...and started wearing wigs when I was in Cleveland. This is what she looks like now:

Honey...the transition is real!! This is what you have to do to be a boss. For a more mature look, I tend to favor more sleek looks like this one. This is my Olivia Pope wig. I bought it in Scotland at one of those hair shops. The look is very crisp, very intelligent, very together...and looking like..."Yes...I'm here to be the change manager you've always wanted. Let's optimize...yes! Where are your annual reports to me!!! I'm here to serve. We need to increase that bottomline!!" Since there are four months to get there...I'll have some fun. Come July though...she transforms.

Summer inspirations for those who are interested:

Image Credits: Google Images

The Mohawk Braid:

The only style that could fit under my helmet as an engineer. At least when the helmet came off...every hair was in place. I'll start off with this in May...since I'm not doing much then..and pretty much just want to keep my hair untouched for about two months. Excellent protective style.

Image Credit:

The Rope Twist

If you're looking or a nice and sexy vacation look, this is one to try. I'm doing this when I'm going to Portland in June. I'm renting a villa as you guys know, so for the week, along with the dresses that I'm currently collecting for my haul, this will be the look that will pull the entire ensemble together. I honestly intend to wake up...put on sunscreen, colored lip gloss and some shades...and I'll be good to go. You want to be natural on vacation...yet still look "done".

What are you guys doing to spruice up your looks for the summer? Variety is the spice of life. Even if you're walking on the want to look catwalk ready. You don't want to get caught off guard. You don't know who you'll meet. Could be your exes, could be Oprah, could be Obama. It's important to be together, so that you're proud of who you are. I hope this article inspired you! Let's get fabulous together.


**Dr T**

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