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Holiday Gift Guide: Baby Gifts

Welcome back to the blog!!

Pardon the delay in last Friday's blog post!! She was busy!! As mentioned, yours truly is in the middle of the job hunt, and I had a few things sorting out behind the scenes. One of the things that I do take the time to do however, is to take the time to actually relax after I've had my business meetings.

I am currently back in Kingston, as mentioned, so once I leave home and am in the corporate area, I actually do take the time to do things like conduct my business, and once I've finished my activities, I'll take some time and either go to the mall or spend time at one of the parks in Kingston. Progress is being made, because I'm finding myself establishing a balance in my both my professional and business flows!!!

I mentioned to you all that life is unfolding in a very nice way...and I am happy and grateful. In my ForeverLuxury flow, I've started getting small sponsorships and partnerships along the I'm giving thanks for every blessing. I'm sure we've all been in a position where we have a dream...and then it starts aligning in very small ways into the ways that we want it to happen. When I started my Christmas campaign, I didn't actually envision that I've have some of the partnerships that I currently do have. This week, thanks to Baby Bop in Kingston, I managed to film a few mini shopping vlogs on baby items. I post my mini vlogs on my Instagram account (@foreverluxury19). I've mentioned before that if you miss me on either YouTube or on the blog...that I'm practically on Instagram every Monday, Wednesday and Friday posting my updates. It's my most instant medium...and then I take the time to catch up on the other platforms once I've had a chance to settle on a Sunday. Family is very important, and as a woman, I have been fortunate enough to grow up in a family of five, and I do have an intention to have my own children. They say you keep your interests at front of mind, so to include children in the campaign, I took the time to actually look at children's items.

To give you a story, depending on your stage of life in building your family...before my aunt had her twins, she actually started visualizing having her babies. She lives in the UK, so as she walked around the shops, if any baby items were on clearance...she actually would stock up. You can get baby items for prices like 50 p when the shops are she would buy them in advance, and place them in her attic. This is like a savings account of sorts. When the twins arrived...she'd accumulated a substantial amount of items and didn't really have to shop that much...because she had prepared! I always keep that story in mind and apply it to everything that I do.

When I walked around Baby Bop...I thought about my future children...but still sought ways to help current or expecting mothers. The store is quite expansive, so I'll do my best to dissect their offerings into subsets. Baby Bop has practically everything that you will need to stock your baby's needs. As all mothers will determine in time, there are certain high end and low end mixes that you discover on your motherhood journey. When it comes to the critical things in your child's development, it will be worth it to spend the money on items like your cribs, your bouncers, your changing tables, your breast pumps and your strollers. These items are what I call investment pieces for your child. Baby Bop is quite high end in this regard, and I thought I'd recommend them for certain critical items that you may need. The additional peripherals like diapers, baby washes and wipes, you can always get at wholesalers. In the Kingston area, the wholesalers I recommend for these essentials include PriceSmart and MegaMart that sell these critical items in bulk.

Starting at one extreme of the store you can actually start your baby stock with looking at:

1) Play Pens: The store has really nice play pens that I was admiring. They were really sturdy, and looked like they could last for the first few years in your child's journey. I didn't see any cribs, but trust that places like Courts and Singer would stock those items if you were looking for solid cribs or children's beds.

2) Bobby Pillows: For the pregnancy journey. I really liked that these were in stock to make that experience comfortable.

3) Baby Bottles: The selection here is actually quite extensive and I really liked the fact that the company had a wide variety of options that you can choose from. Phillips Avent is a brand that I've admired for a long time and they do have a variety of these brands as well as brands such as NUK. If you're researching, definitely take some time to look at sites like, in order to get a feel for what items you can possibly import.

4) Breast Pumps: At price points of approximately JMD $20,000 or USD $180, you can purchase your breast pumps from Baby Bop. One of my thoughts for these, is that you either have these gifted to you in your registry, or take the time to order online if you have a few months to go till you deliver. I wouldn't purchase these immediately, but take the time to do your research to determine if you're wanting to spend that much on a pump.

5) Clothing Options: On the other half of the store are the clothing options for babies. I really love what they offer. From new borns till about three years, the clothing and shoe options were quite extensive to me. Baby Bop is a high end location, so I'd actually recommend that you purchase your child's special pieces from them, and then purchase the every day items from a location like Ammar's.

All in all, I had a good experience at Baby Bop. Regardless of focus, I always identify a certain luxe feel from all the stores that I visit. If I were a luxe baby in Jamaica, this is the store that I'd want my mom to shop for me from!! And likewise...if I were a chic mom here ( I want to live in the US...I'm praying to move to a big city like Boston), I'd definitely stock up on my babies items here, and then in time upgrade them into department stores like Lee's for clothing and shoes.

For a child near you, the gifting opportunities are numerous! Thanks again to the Baby Bop team for accommodating me on a whim! For further details:

Instagram: @babybopstore


Thank you for reading!! I wish you all the best in your Shopping Experience!!!


**Dr T**

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