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Holiday Vibes: The Great Escape !!

Welcome back to the blog!!

I'm sure we've all experienced those moments where you plan to do things...and then discover that you can't...because it's a holiday!! Cue today's theme song: "It's a HOLIDAY!!"

As a fun fact....the singer of that chorus sings at my church. Every time he feel like you're being serenaded and not in the sanctury...okrrrr!! what today signifies for me! In a temporary regime where almost every day feels like a's always a shock when a real one comes along. Easter time represents two things in my millennial mind. I'll do my best to portray my Easter time experiences in a way that will inspire you to start your own traditions.

Easter Holidays:

In Tandy's young life...Easter represented....weekends away and carnival. Starting with the weekend getaways...every year in our household during the majority of my childhood and teenage years, my parents would pack me, my siblings and our obsessions into the car in order for us to spend a few days at Treasure Beach. I've mentioned before that we've done the entire range of both high end and low end vacations. The Easter experiences were the medium end, cook your own food, but still fun vacations. Our big splashes in places like Florida...were more in the summer time. The year begins...and you quietly ease in the vacations and then end the year with a splash!

A few hours drive later like SpongeBob ( as an alpha child, I insisted we all sing along to the Backstreet Boys to keep us entertained), we arrived at our villa. this day I can't remember exactly where the place we stayed was...but we would pick up our villa keys in a nearby mall, and then head to a gated community with about four houses in it. Based on our frequency of visits to the site...I'm pretty sure we stayed in each one.

This being the more rustic of our visits...the venue was one that was self-catering, and on the beach. As a child, we lived near the sea, and the vacation experience was like being at home...except without chores and a TV. What such serenity allowed us to do...was to unwind and defragment. We pretty much did two things the entire three days we were out and swim!!

Day One: We usually arrived in the night...and pretty much just settled into the house, ate dinner and then headed to bed. The real fun...would be when we woke up!

Day Two: As the resident songstress of the household...I have always been a loud individual!! I still am to this day! Francois...the radio announcer encouraged us to sing..."Gooooood mooorrrrrnning!!" at the top of our lungs each morning and I gladly did this at 6 am and woke everyone up. I apologize in retrospect...but at the a child...I couldn't help With every one up...we'd have breakfast...and change into our swimsuits for the beach. We'd spend the day looking out to see dolphins, and making sand castles.

Day Three: See day two

And the beat went on till it was time to return to reality!! Somehow in all of this...we still found time to get our homework done for school on the Tuesday. I also had a book of poems that I'd write in, and I'd write a few poems on the trip. We would also have an Easter egg and Marshallow duck hunt. Those yellow marshallow ducks...are one of the highlights of my childhood!! I'll see if I can find some for an Easter haul.

Of course...we'd eat bun and cheese!!

Easter Part Two: CARNIVAL!!

I have boldly declared on my channel...that as a child born in the summer...pretty much everything that I tied to a celebration of some sort!! I don't even go to work on my birthday. Carnival is bubbling up behind the scenes...and yes I'm going!!! I will vlog!!

The Carnival experience in my eyes...though I've never done the full blown get a costume and revel one that I've always participated in. On an annual basis...since I was a parents would carry us to watch the road march. And road march I do...till this very day!!

A good carnival costume and band participation can cost you close to US $300.00. If you're in your first year of work...that's pretty affordable. If you're in a frame where you just bought a'll probably start thinking twice before you splurge on a costume and factor in all the opportunity costs (plane ticket, baby food But still want to go...and go you shall. What's the fix? Make your own carnival costume.

I started doing this about five years ago!! As a dancer...I understand costumes and how to make them...and I'd simply enter the wonder world of Pings fabrics and get my own beading and cloth. With a little sewing magic...we were ready for the road!!

With that said...if you just wear a T-shirt (there's a million ways to cut up a t-shirt and make it cute!!) and'll be quite fine!! At the end of the day...being around people who have fun is all that matters. Stay hydrated, wear your sunscreen and you're good to gizzle as Elephant Man would say!! We soon reach!! Carnival for me is a time to let loose and simply allow yourself to not worry about thing!!

Regardless of age, I believe that I'll always indulge in the two activities listed above! As the year unfolds, we'll definitely tap into the elements of both Easter and Carnival. I have a trip coming up in March...and feeling excited and hype for that!! Additionally, we're doing the road march and I'll take you with me.

The key to life is to enjoy it!!! I love everything that I do both professionally and creatively. Once you have that...everything in life will unfold. Talk to you Friday. I can't believe...I'm finally doing what I envisioned two months ago...on that day. I'll be FUN!!

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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