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Home Decor: Creating a Patio that You'll Love to Relax On

Image Credit: Home Decor by Lulu

Your home is your haven. Aside from the regular living spaces that you have indoors, it is always a good idea to ensure that the outside of your home is also as enjoyable as the inside. As a gardener, one of the things that I love to do is to decorate the exterior spaces of our home, such as the patio. Life is a gift that I believe should be enjoyed, so taking the time to create the spaces that will facilitate this zone of relaxation, is time that will be well spent. In terms of home decoration, there are a few key items that you can use to facilitate that feeling of relaxation.

1) Patio Furniture: Simpler is always better for outdoor spaces. This is unless you have an outdoor canopy, where you can use what you want. If you have an open space, it will be critical to ensure that you have furniture that will be weatherproof. Typically, at any home and garden store the merchandise on sale is designed to be weatherproof, but if you decide to re-purpose your furniture, perhaps after purchasing it from a yard sale, applying a weatherproof coating will facilitate the desired effect. A nice table, the associated chairs, outdoor cushions, as well as a nice outdoor umbrella to shield you from the sun, will be welcome items on your patio space. Arrange as you'd like in order to create the space that you desire. Using the inspirational picture above, you can see that there's a simple table with four chairs that match it. With such an ensemble, you can actually decorate the table for each season. If it's spring, you can incorporate your spring pillows (probably a nice green) and in the fall opt for more neutral colors such as oranges and khakis that will facilitate the warm feel of the season. Additionally, when not in use, the table can simply be left bare. When you plan to use it, a tablecloth will ensure that the table is spruiced up and ready for use. Get creative with your home space. It's the one place outside of the external world, where you can unwind and regain your energy.

2) Flower Pots: To add pizzazz to a small space without too much stress, a nice arrangement of flower pots will look lovely. At my parents home, the former owners used to be florists, so the house came with at least twenty clay pots similar to those outlined in the image. As you can see, there are a mixture of clay pots, both in the original earthen colour, and also with clay pots that have been treated in a kiln, and colored. With the appropriate floral arrangements matching the pot, you can create small centers of greenery that you'll be able to enjoy.

Depending on how your patio is designed, you might actually be able to focus on the garden that is surrounding the space. If you look at the image ago, you'll realize that the patio itself is composed of predominantly man-made items, but surrounding the space is greenery. In that space, there's the lawn, but also an opportunity for the home owners to take advantage of planting along their garden's wall. Add a mixture of both flowering plants and ever greens, and you'll be good to go.

Now that I have some more time to really think through the design of the blog, I'll take some time to ensure that I'm catering to all the aspects of a millennial's life. As of tomorrow, the following will be the flow:

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