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Home Renovations in Swing!!!

Happy Day,

On this sixth day of Christmas...yours truly is getting into the Christmas spirit!! If any of you know that "Dear Nola" song...its usually played once per day on our local radio stations. For the record...I've been watching vlogmas...and thanks for all the inspo!! I've been drinking in...EVERY Disney vlog. Yours truly is a Disney baby myself. I assure you if The Lion King comes on...I will recite every word. With Jamaica being next door to either Orlando or Florida...we literally used to fly in in the summers, stay at Westgate Resorts and then drive into the parks. I've been watching the family vlogs at Disney...and getting pure LIFE:) At this point...I'm here wanting my future daughter to do that pamper day at the Magic Kingdom. That was epic!!

On the home this point in time I'm here feeling the burn!! I am getting back into shape. I sold my car as you all walk pretty much every where once I'm in the Kingston area. I pretty much just circulate the New Kingston and Half Way Tree area...since they are in close proximity to each other. When I'm home...every two days...I do my morning exercise up and down the segments of our hill that are close to me.

If you're in the UK...Jamaica's terrain is pretty similar to Northern Ireland/Ireland's terrain...with the hills in the middle...and then the sea on the periphery. While I walk...I visualize as I mentioned...and just clear my mind for the day.

As mentioned, above all else I am a woman. I wake up in the days...fully watch Wendy, every dollar tree haul I can, and also vlogmas. When I'm out and about I contribute to the finding out where all the good deals are in the Kingston area...and giving you all the tea via ForeverLuxury. At this point...the plazas fully look like Christmas. There's even a Santa's village now...and every light in the plazas has a Santa figurine at its base. If you were a Scrooge cheer up enough to have a few weeks of I don't really like to mix business with as mentioned, I'm siphoning all the career stuff to LinkedIn, and leaving all the day to day life...on ForeverLuxury.

I am a millennial...and there are a few hot topics that are cropping up in my young mind. Once you pass thirty...and are're in that wonderful phase of life where you're still young enough to ball out and party...but at the same start becoming a little more conscious about your life and its direction. All you think about are things like..."Am I creating my legacy?" or "Are my children having the best childhood and education they can?" All of a start discovering things like:

Do I really like my job or is now the right time to start my business? I've always loved event planning...but being a lawyer is what pays me.

Should I become a Stay At Home Mum?

Should I change careers?

Should I stay here or migrate?

Should we home school our children?

Should we start saving for retirement?

THESE...are the themes that I'll be touching on my LinkedIn video series. I have Saturday Millennial Chats...and these will be some of the themes I discuss. They are very relevant to our young lives. Many people don't like their jobs, and that's part of the reason...I feel like it permeates into the rest of their existence...and they end up hating on people who were confident enough to take action and be happy!! My existence right borderline waking up giddy with laughter because I can't wait to watch another beauty video, or Dollar Tree Haul...can't wait to clean the house with the pink Fabuloso (this is the best thing since the blue and just wait for life to change. It's be content!!


While I'm here working on my dance company body, there's construction taking place in the house. The same anonymous soul who likes to cook in the household (my family doesn't want to be featured in my social media network so I'm using codes) also is the Caribbean version of Tim from Home Improvement. Our house...has a lowkey hardware store!! This is...and has always been. In every home that we've lived in...we've had that place where all tools live...a shed. Our shed is so stocked...that when workmen come to the house to fix things....if they need's often already in there and there's no need to be heading out to the hardware store at the last minute, because it's already somehow in the inventory. I've always been impressed by my parents level or organization in this regard.

My childhood memories include trips to auctions, and trips to Hardware Store Clearances out in St Catherine to add to this storehouse of tools. Anything you can think in the Sambo shed. Chain saw...check. Ladder ( check and check). Lawn mower...check. Weed wacker...check. Paint...check. WD 40...check. Engine oil...check! Wire mesh...check. Plywood..check. Paint brushes...check!! I could go on...and it's in there. for all these things were made...yet somehow...there's an overflow into the There are tools in the washroom ( of those big black toolkits that I can actually fit into...curl up and sleep in). There are tools under the stairs. There are tools in the upstairs corridor closet. In order to facilitate a home for all these items...the backyard shed is currently being renovated. The house came with a wooden shed...but with the rains...over time the wood started to deteriorate. The shed is currently being rebuilt with concrete blocks for more stability, and to have a more weatherproof finish.

Watching all these renovations take place over the years...I do incorporate home renovations into my work flow as you all know. I've actually recorded the current state of the shed (after this morning's walk), so come Monday on the ForeverLuxury instagram (@foreverluxury19) you'll actually get a good feel of what the shed looks like. The image for blog demonstration purposes only. You'll see the real ratchedness come Monday. The current a hot mess!!

In the Caribbean, most people don't have basements, so the shed is that space in the yard where all tools go to live. I personally don't like it'll be interesting to see the house itself actually empty once all these tools migrate to the backyard. You'll see what I'm talking about...once I post on Monday.

They say you become what you maybe I'll end up marrying a man who also loves much as the anonymous soul in the household.


What are your home renovation plans?

What aspects of your home are cluttered?

What are you doing to clear all that space up?

I'll talk to you next time!!


**Dr T**

P.S. On the Wendy show...I live for those deals that she does. I feel like if I never make it to some point in the future I'll guarantee you...that I will make it on HSN...selling my beauty products:) I do an hour a day...on the YouTube Channel Formula Botanica...for those who want to know how to do things like make lipglosses and understand the beauty industry in general. It's a good get your business base before you launch your products. I also listen to their podcasts. Another thing that has me waking up laughing every day:)

**Create your world!**

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