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How I'm Living: Farmhouse Chic

Welcome back to my blog!!

Once upon a time...when I was a huge fan of MTV and BET, one of my favorite things to watch on the two channels was Cribs, and "How I'm Living". Fast forward fifteen years, and a household to run, it's really announce that I'm living a farmhouse chic life. It's a nice existence during this Quarantine life! It's nice to wake up...head outside and enjoy the great outdoors. In the yard, at this point in time is the blooming of the following plants:

1) Coffee Rose - My signature style is clean and chic and this plant represents that. I love colour combinations like green and white. This plant is one of those that I absolutely love. With white rose like petals, the coffee rose is the ideal plant for making quick bouquets.

2) Bougainvillea - On my walks around the neighborhood, this plant is alive and thriving! I am living!! Seeing the plants in orange, pink, white and purple gives me life as I'm walking around the place. In our yard...we have a huge purple plant that I absolutely love to draw from on in my floral arrangements.

3) Hibiscus: We have the large orange variety. Whenever this plant blooms, I have to cut some for my hair. Plants make a frequent appearance in all my shoots because they are so prevalent. You just use what's around you...and you'll be able to make your existence a beautiful one.

As my gardening adventures continue, I'm currently in a mode where I'm now enjoying the fact that I can resume my floral arrangements. Let's dissect the floral arrangement that I made this week. In the image above I utilized:

1) A copper coffee cup. These are one of those ornamental cups that you have in your home. I decided to use the one in our cupboard as a temporary vase.

2) Green baseline: I typically use ferns or a holly plant as the baseline for my green in small arrangements. For larger arrangements, I typically will use larger greens like bamboo palms.

3) Flowering plants: The begonias and coffee rose plants in the yard are actually blooming now. Interestingly, the begonias grow into the back verandah, and I decided to trim the plant and salvage the flowers for this bouquet. Coupling two different types of white flower, I felt like the overall look came out really nice.

As the weeks progress, I'll keep making more bouquets with the differing flowering plants. If you want something chic for your kitchen counter, this is the perfect bouquet for such an occasion.

If you're not into flowering plants on your counter, you can take your time and actually place your herbs into either glasses, or mason jars. I managed to place come escallion into a mason jar as you can see above. This is the perfect way to keep your herbs fresh as bring them home from the supermarket. As you keep them on display, you'll be encouraged to utilize them some more. The vegetable garden is thriving and I'm loving this!!


Strawberries are the ideal plant for the cooler climates. I've been enjoying planting vegetables, but decided that more fruits doesn't hurt. We went ahead and purchased some strawberries from a local nursery. Strawberries grow on a vine, but even in the pot, they already are bearing. If you don't have a lot of yard space, you can plant your fruit such as strawberries in a larger pot, and allow them to grow on a trellis. Tomatoes are also great to grow in such a manner. Utilize the space that you have.

For the current regime, it's always a good idea to have projects that you will enjoy. With the majority of us being home for a few months yet, a garden is one place that will keep you healthy, fit and energized. If you don't have pets, and want a hobby that you will feel satisfaction from, a garden is the ideal investment. In time, you can become self sufficient.

Building a Greenhouse

With time, we will expand our garden to include a greenhouse. All the seedlings that we are growing, will need somewhere to mature. Towards the back of the yard, we have space for a greenhouse. A good DIY is to purchase some mesh from the hardware store. With some wooden posts as a baseline, you can take the time to build out a frame and start working on your garden via your greenhouse.

It's a good life!! Enjoy your garden!

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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