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How I'm Living: Making The Most of the Week!! Growing And Expanding!!

Welcome back to the blog!!

Pardon the one week absence from the blog!! I was making some system upgrades that I'll take the time to explain to you my beautiful readership now. I believe that the key to life is to keep growing and evolving!! I believe that life is a journey...and every quarter I take the time actually revise what I'm doing to ensure that it's making sense to me.

ForeverLuxury platforms: As ForeverLuxury, I'm present on Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and my blog!! Each platform has its own nuances and I personally love that Instagram life!! You'll always find me on Instagram, though I've been finding that be best way to manage my presence on the platform is to post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. As a working's the optimum pattern for me. I honestly wish I could take pictures all day...but as they say..."Money fi mek!!". I have career interests that I focus on with as much passion as my Instagram feeds. I am a Chemical Engineer and Management Consultant and that aspect of life must be fulfilled.

In the blog's downtime this past week...I actually went through the process of synching my platforms somewhat. I upgraded the front page of the blog to include my Instagram feeds. Just in case you're new to the site...and want to see what I'm up to via Instagram...the flow right there on the front page of the website.

For YouTube...I'll post fortnightly. I have hired a video editor to help me behind the scenes with the collation of my videos, since I'm focusing on my consulting clients. I realized after a while, that YouTube was the most tedious platform for me...though I absolutely love it!! I definitely needed help in one aspect of life...and editing videos takes a lot of time for me:) I'm not the best video editor...though I don't mind the process of actually recording the videos. I got help...and will continue the process of uploading to YouTube on a fortnightly basis.


This is the second addition to the blog that I took the time to add to the site over the past few days!! In terms of the items that I've been posting on Instagram and the blog, there are some individuals who are inspired to try similar looks. I've opened the ForeverLuxury shop so that you can shop similar items on the site if you so feel inspired. I believe in feeling fabulous and bougie on a budget.


As a blogger, I'm still here enjoying my beautiful life!! A beautiful life is one that you create for yourself. My hair extensions are adding to the ease of my existence. I've had these passion twists in for a good week and trust me...I'm on cloud nine!! As Beyonce said..."I did not come to play...I came to slay!!" And slay the day I shall!! As a style that lasts for a good three to four weeks, week one is heavenly!! I'm ready to be blonde in May!! I took some time to actually let my curls down for a few hours this past Monday and enjoy the good good feeling of a nice head of hair all over my shoulders and back. In terms of general maintenance:

Wash frequency: I'm actually washing my hair every two weeks since I'm protective styling now and want to minimize the agitation to my scalp. Since this is week one...I've just taken the time to actually just oil my scalp. I utilize a local Jamaican brand called Purelene. I'd mentioned the other day that this brand is in my Jamaican $1.00 finds. They really come through!! They do the job honey!! I'm the type of person who lives the high-low life and there are certain things in my routine that I save money that I can have more money for higher end pieces like clothing and jewellry. Hair care is definitely one of those aspects of life...where $1.00 -$5.00 can give you million dollar results!! Start small and then build up!!

Styling: About once per week, I take the time to go through the process of letting the curls down. I let my hair down for occasions like dinners and the beach, where you want that pop of chic, but walking about with my hair down on the day to day can actually be overwhelming. What I tend to is let my hair down for Instagram shoots and YouTube videos. On the day to hair is in a chic high bun. You just do what works for you.


As the queen of mixing what I find in either the yard or in the fridge, I find that one of the best ways that I've been staying healthy is to simply blend some fruits and veg in my daily regimen. I make one smoothie and pour one bottle of water into a one liter bottle and make that my pre-breakfast meal. I tend to work on a few things for the morning (I'm currently taking online cosmetics courses) and then I'll have breakfast at around 11 am once the juice itself wears off.

Your body is designed to heal itself. With the current condition with the Coronvirus, it will be in your best interest to increase your body's white blood cell count. They are the healing enablers in your body. I've been eating as many mangoes, bananas and oranges as I can in a week just to ensure that I'm staying boosted!!

The key to a good 2020 is to ensure that you're staying fit...and getting as much fresh air as you possibly can!!

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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