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How Many Lamborghinis Can We Save Today? - The Story of Imagination

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Happy Saturday,

In my musings....and in my deep sleep...there's been a small voice that's been whispering "You're an adult." Processing it at first...I started wondering what that meant...and after reflection realized where it came from. That deep set voice of expectation...that's instilled by the external environment. Once you reach a certain age...there's certain things you're supposed to have done...etc. As I mentioned on my blog a few days ago...times are changing...and you can't judge a millennial's timing by the timing of a previous generation. If anything goes wrong in the current's possible that a critical discovery can be missed that will lead to the creation of a be careful and don't be pressured. A lot of successful people talk about the matrix that we all live in...and I'm finding myself currently exposed to it...but challenging myself not to succumb. There is a vision.

Once you know what's's easy to breakthrough. Many YouTubers...myself included ( I did start over) do get the occasional question of "You do what?" If you're in the business you know what I mean. There's a standard expectation that everyone just simply goes to work for someone else. "Work" in the 21st not what it used to be. And regardless of what you's supposed to be fun. I know a woman who went through the entire five years of medical school...and then transferred to dance because she wasn't enjoying herself. It's better to do what makes you happy...than spend 40 years slowly deteriorating out of misery.

As a young engineer...I had a boss who had the most vivid imagination I've ever come across. He wanted to motivate us to achieve targets. I was one of his leads...and in our meeting one day...he pulled out the above image. I walked in going..."Boss...this is cool...why are we looking at Lamborghinis in our meeting?" And he proceeded. "Do you know...that in Dubai...policemen drive Lamborghinis? Why do you think that's possible?" Blank stares. "Because we're the ones spending the oil money that makes them able to do this. As my can we drive efficiency? How many Lamborghini's worth of oil...can we not spend today?"

And yours truly...took the vision...printed my own picture of a Lamborghini...and got to work. We made a few adjustments and reached our target...because we took a mundane task like project management, and turned it into a mission. Now it's your turn:

What mundane tasks can you make more exciting this week? Whether or not you're stuck in routine...there are always things you can do to move yourself forward.


**Dr T**

P.S. The Valentine's Day Countdown Continues. Sativa - Jhene Aiko and Rae Sremmurd.

"Is it hot in here or is it just me?...The drinks...are on me!!"


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