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How To Have A Hot Girl Summer

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Regardless of your age and stage as a woman (and for the occasional male who stops by...I appreciate you) this summer...the trend that's been circulating all over social media unless you're living under a rock... is #HotGirlSummer. What that open to everyone's I decided to try my hand at the definition. My type of people will feel the rest you kindly...don't judge.

Just generally, the key to life is to ENJOY IT!!! There are millions on the planet who aren't happy with their lives even though they seem to have it all. I'm sure we've all been in a position where we've seen someone's life and wished it was ours only to discover something about their journey that we wouldn't wish on a soul. All of a sudden your own life looks more fun and exciting!!! The key to to love who you are, where you are...and make the changes that will enable you to reach your goals with a contented frame of mind. Thankfully, I'm happy with the life I was blessed with...and have always been. Life has had a way...of blessing me even through the "champagne problems". Speaking of Champagne...grab a glass...and let's jump into the list!!

Hot Girl Summer Rule #1: Always stay confident. Life is not easy...but it's worth it!! Stay confident in yourself...and thank God for your dreams, your beautiful man, your current (or future children) and your health. In the past three years that I've been on my journey, I learned what it means to be happy with what you've been blessed with. So with that said...make the effort to enjoy what's yours without any guilt. If you and bae plan a trip either savor it between the two of you, or share it confidently with the world. If you and your children spend a day at the park, savor those moments because after your children grow up...those are the memories that you treasure. If you got a promotion at grateful...for that means that you're meant for bigger things! Embrace yourself and bless everything that's yours. Trust me...there's many a hater on the "streets" so every morning as Tamar would better be "Prayed Up!!" so that your blessings remain in tact! Hot Girl Summer Rule #1...Love your life!!!

Hot Girl Summer Rule #2: Always have a good time!!! People love to be around happy people. Don't ask me why on Earth...some people think it's cool be miserable, and to find fault with what people are doing to elevate themselves. Don't be that one! Don't do it!! They say that happy people avoid people in your circle that try to down play what you're doing, or who you're with, or where you're going. What you can do to ensure that you stay on a remind yourself of good reasons for why you're doing what you do. When you're some good music so that you don't lose that good energy that you wake up with. Additionally, here are my Good Vibes Tips:

1) Find A Good Summer Track

Yours truly is on Team Breezy this summer. I cannot tell you how much I'm loving the Indigo Album. This is a non-sponsored blog article by the way....just spreading the positive energy!!! I started listening to the track about two days ago...and I'm on cloud nine thousand and five. As I work...I'm low-key twerking honey!!! You can't sit still and not feel the good vibes. As a word to the'll have the BP/No Judgement track on loop among others. Your work will be completed at half the pace...but you'll be HAPPIER doing it! Stay crunk...and raise your vibrations!! This is my current summer favorite...I literally feel high as I'm listening to this. Thank You...for GREAT WORK CHRIS BROWN!!! I AM LIVING!!! Even if I'm in the shower....I carry my phone in there...and play the tracks...that's how hot it is!!! For you guys....find your own track that makes you feel like a zillion bucks...and you're well on your way to remaining a hot girl for the summer and beyond!!

Your Signature Drink!!!

Girl...if all you drink is a non-alcholic mimosa, what you want is to ensure that you bougie - up your drink game. If you're drinking water...squeeze some lime in there and add a sprig of mint to make it feel more special.

Many times...we get caught up in the mundane, and we forget how special we are. If after a while you find yourself living in your t-shirt or just grabbing a glass of water when you can take your time to make yourself a smoothie and make yourself feel are going to have to deduct some hot girl points. Regardless of the season...remind yourself that you are a queen!!

Hot Girl Summer Rule #3: Pamper Yourself

I probably say this a million times on the blog!!'s the TRUTH!!! If you forget yourself, the world will forget you. They say you must treat yourself the way you want to be treated. Depending on your age and stage of still need to ensure that you've taken the time to look fly. I mean...even with a $2.00 hair extension and some can look like the Queen of your in this life there are really no excuses...just make the effort and get it done!!! Sally's/Cherry's has every beauty item you can think of for less than $ even at the grass can put yourself in a position where you are elevating yourself in life and allowing yourself to feel beautiful and happy.

Hot Girl Summer Rule #4: Getaway

You may or may not remember my staycation vibes...but essentially putting yourself in a state where you are out and about and living life as you want it to an ideal way for you to remain...a certified hot girl. You will scream adventure and life!! Your life is not meant to be all about work and paying bills. If you organize can do that automatically. I'm sure we've all heard of that couple that travels everywhere...and wonder how they do it. It's a beautiful life...if you know how to do it well. The surest way to have a #HotGirlSummer is to own your own life...and create your happiness via a business that you own...and that allows you to live the life that you dream of...and not that dictated by other people. When you're's a different existence from when you're constantly bombarded by me on this!!

Life is meant to be make the most of it!!!

Your Turn: How do you define your #HotGirlSummer? COMMENT BELOW!!!

Even if you're in your fifties, you can still have the time of your life!! I can't tell you how many times I watch the Wendy Williams Show...and get a sense that even at her age...she's living it up and clubbing and travelling!! Age is not a limitation. Children are not a limitation. Getting married is not a limitation. All of these things just enhance life! Comment below!!! Have a great summer!!

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