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How to Stay Inspired: Dressing for Success

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Welcome to the blog!

If you're new here, I appreciate you stopping by. If you're a repeat reader of mine...I am pleased to announce that this is my first Wednesday blog article in about three months (discounting Ash Wednesday when I discovered that I had a holiday!). It's the most refreshing feeling to own your own time, and simply live the life of your dreams. I am an advocate for creating the life that you want. I am finally able to start my style segment!! I've been dreaming about this...for three whole months.

As a consultant in the making, one of the most important aspects of my entire journey is dressing for success. As someone who grew up in the arts, and is used to performance, costumes, lights and make is very important to present yourself in the best light. In the business school, we were taught the appropriate dress codes for various corporate events, and it was always refreshing on the days that we didn't attend class in jeans and a T-shirt, to finally appear at school in a suit. There was a transformation that I can't describe. You really feel like a million dollars!! At this present moment, as I've transitioned back into student mode, I find myself dressing as if I'm back in business school or in a professional setting. The mind...always is one step ahead of your body, so you must prepare for that which you desire. Even if you run a home office, there's a point at which you transition from home casual, to home business. It's important to prime yourself for the task at hand. It's not hard to put on a pair of leggings and a turtle neck. Make the effort!!

As summer is approaching, I have started re-stocking my closet. First of all, I have a June vacation scheduled, so each week, I pick up one item for that activity. I will be away for five nights and six days, so I've currently started stocking up on really cute, yet simple and sophisticated summer dresses. Once my collection is complete in a month...I'll do a summer haul video at my parents house. There's more space there compared to here at my flat...and more opportunities to take good photos for you guys. Labor day is approaching in a I'll use that time to film the haul, when there's no pressure. Additionally, I'll have had time to get my hair braided and to have the whole look come together! As Tamar would say..." need to get your life!" I will not present myself to you lovely people...looking "pop down".

For summer, one of the primary business styles that I absolutely love is the dress shirt and pencil skirt combination. I don't know if it's the fact that as a millennial, I grew up watching movies like the The Devil Wears Prada, and fell in love with Andy and Miranda Priestley's style, but I always felt like I was destined for the boardroom. The powerful, yet sophisticated looks that inspire me are outlined above. Let's discuss each profile. First of all these are all business casual which is ideal for the summer when you want that youthful, yet professional feel.

Outfit #1: An outfit like this, I'd wear on a Monday and Tuesday. In the image, the model is wearing a nice navy blue dress shirt, with a black pencil skirt featuring a side split. There's a nice suede detailing on the pencil skirt, that makes the outfit look a little more classy and sophisticated. Coupled with a nice clutch and heels, you are ready to take charge of your department and be a Boss Babe! Nothing screams ambition than high heels and a well put together ensemble. For the record, feet are aggravated by heels, so alternate the days that you wear them. Have in stock...some nice wedges which provide support as well as height.

Outfit #2: This outfit is a nice white dress shirt made of a silky material, that is coupled with a khaki pencil skirt. This outfit feels very Wednesday to me, in those moments where it's the middle of the week, and workload is piling feel a little tired...and anticipate relaxation. You still dress up, but feel relatively relaxed as you traverse through the day. Coupled with heels and a small handbag, the day is won from the word "Go!" You can do this...three more days to go till the weekend!!

Outfit #3: This outfit is the most me of the entire ensemble. I'm loving the lightly colored yet elegant dress top....and then the big whopper is that fabulous print pencil skirt!! Nothing captures attention like prints, but in this instance...fortunately it's not too gaudy and in your face...but definitely states..."I'm unique and love to have style and flair!!!". Coupled with a nice pair of nude pumps...quite possibly Manolo Blahniks...this is the perfect ensemble for a preparation for the weekend ahead.

Outfit #4: Once Friday really start feeling that you're at the club...although you still have the 8-10 hours ahead of time to traverse through the work day. Ensemble number four is a nicely co-ordinated denim dress shirt, coupled with a peach skirt for that "I still have work...and might go to happy hour after look!" Thou...shalt not be boring honey!!! It's nice and effortless, and fun! With a nice pair of open toes...ensure that toes are well manicured, and you are good to dazzle.

Accessories of course...add life and pizzazz to every outfit. From chic handbags to a statement piece like a clutch, make each day a special occasion by matching your bag to the look. When you want to look like a boss...carry a larger bag that can hold items such as your laptop. For dressed down days...a clutch will suffice. Additionally, nice watches by brands such as Michael Kors (the Bradshaw watch is everything...and it's timeless), shades from your favorite designers (Gucci or Fucci...we won't judge if it's cute) and you're good to go. What I also love are bold statement pieces like necklaces...(gold and pearl...or any jewelled statement piece will do) and the matching bracelets and earrings.

You're now on your way to looking fabulous!! I look forward to many more Wednesday blogs. Get fabulous with me!


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