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How to Stay Refreshed and Recharged While Pursuing Your Life Goals

Taking the time to pursue some rest and relaxation is the key to ensuring that one is recharged, and strong enough to achieve critical life goals.

Yesterday, yours truly took some time to explore two different parts of Kingston. For this reason, my YouTube video for the week will be later than normal. I'm currently in the process of compiling the footage. Thank you for your patience.

As a start, I met with a friend of mine at Devon House, which is highlighted in the image to the left. I had done a detailed review of the site in my Saturday blog article. The actual visit itself was yesterday. I've done a mini I'm compiling the different elements.

In addition to Devon House, we visited Port Royal and had some lunch, and then returned to Devon House for some ice cream as dessert.

As the summer is approaching, I'd promised that I'd start focusing on styling once again. In next week's lab talk, I'll discuss internships with my students. I used to intern for Pulse, the fashion house, and assisted in the organization of their annual Caribbean Fashion Week. In yesterday's outfit of the day I am wearing:

1) A Mustard Boardeaux sun dress. This is a find from one of my favorite stores in Kingston - Brit Bran fashions. I caught this on sale, for about JA$1500 or US $12.00. I find this dress ideal for those days such as this, when it's hot and you want a change from work attire. The vibe is nice and casual...I absolutely love this. I wish I had this in more colours.

2) Rose Gold Flats: A simple Payless Shoe Source find, these are perfect for the active day. We walked around a lot, and flats provide the perfect means via which you can achieve comfort and style. If I'm not walking too much, I'll wear sandals, but for days when you'll be up and about, flats or wedges are better for your feet.

3) A Rose Gold Handbag. With the mustard dress, because it's so matte, I decided to add elements that would make the ensemble pop. The rose gold bag from Christian Siriano, went well with the rose gold flats, and I found the combination an ideal match, based on the fact that during the week I'm dressed much more simply in a lab coat, and jeans. I always feel the need for that extra pizzazz when I'm in my relaxed mode.

4) Sunglasses: A nice pair that I found from Monarch Pharmacy about a year ago. They work well for everything that I'm wearing. As I travel around Kingston, I've started seeing really nice fun alternatives, so I'll include those in my hauls as the time approaches.

In terms of the was pretty much a relaxing occurrence. I did the bare minimum...but still found time to relax with friends and catch up on our lives. As goals are pursued, it's often easy to become engrossed in the accomplishment, that taking the time to do simple things like have an ice cream cone or dip your toes in the something that we really allowed ourselves to do.

As the new week begins, I feel so rejuvenated!!! What simple pleasures will you allow yourselves to indulge in today? The key to to simply enjoy it. Be happy with your own experience...and you'll find the magic in every day. The following tennets are what I've found to help in the achievement of my dreams:

1) Taking the time to relax. This is important for those interims when you get tired. If you participate in activities that drain you of energy, it will be key for you to restore that energy.

2) Find ways and means to stay motivated. Use all the tools that you can find - videos, quotes, your vision board, in order to ensure that you are reminding yourself of your vision.

3) Stay focused. Emotions will arise as you are pursuing your goals. You may feel tired, you may feel demotivated, you may feel guilt, but as long as you push through the feelings and accomplish your micro goals each time progresses you'll find that you're achieving your goals. These are all just elements of resistance, and the way to growth is via overcoming this resistance.

Have a great week! I'm finishing up this video, and also starting my work week.



**Dr T**

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