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How To: Treat Yourself On A Budget

Welcome back to the blog,

The month of June is one that I've chosen to be my month of change. Interestingly, after accepting quietude, there are some things that I just decided that I can enjoy in their simpler formats. While life unfolds, there are some times where you just have to be patient and allow to unfold. I've learned to quietly achieve. With a week to go until I make a new move in my life, I'm excited for the change!! The key to life, I've learned is to stay busy while you wait.

One of my grand 2020 visions is to invest more money. While that is definitely easier said than done, I challenged myself to actually do the things that I was doing before I started this journey, but on a dime. This is the outcome of my current mission.


I've spent the past eight months investigating budget beauty items that feel like their higher end counterparts. My Cashmere Fever set, is finally finished. It lasted me two months. Being the frugal Fran that I'm being for 2020 (so that I can invest, don't get it twisted), I finally found my first investment for the month of June so am on a low budget beauty flex in order to make that happen!! Do what you have to do!! I am so excited to show you all the new new when it comes!! Cheers to new projects!! To not forget myself, I decided that I'm shopping for a few essentials this week...from the dollar carry me through...and thankfully...I'm still looking like a million dollars with these finds. We live in some good just have to see the good in your life. My June 2020 Lifestyle Loves video is up on my YouTube channel. If you feel like reading...the summary is below:

New Lipsticks: About two weeks ago...I discovered that my local beauty supply store...stocked Milani products. I'm probably a few years later than every beauty guru on the planet...but as I was roving...I saw the gold just pop. It was calling to I walked over. At first...I thought it was going to be on the pricier side...but as I walked closer and saw it was $1.00 for pretty much everything (mini glosses, lipsticks and large glosses all cost the same price) I started smiling...and feeling like it was finally time for me to start rebuilding my make up collection. I managed to pick up the Moon Over Paradise, a nude lipstick, which I've been pairing with my Serendipity lip gloss over the past few days. The two together...are the bomb dot com...and I wake up every morning...and greet the day with this combination. If you're one who wants to treat themselves, you'll find that you can guilt free buy one Milani product per week, and literally have and feel like a million dollars by the year end. They are that good...and that affordable!! I have my coint get another item next week.

One dress per month: As the investment adventures is not the time for me to personally splurge. This is the season of that I can reap by the year end!! I still have to work and see my clients, so I have to look put together while all this unfolds. To keep myself engaged and not deprived however...I've limited myself to purchasing one dress per month...till the year ends. The closet will expand incrementally and I won't feel deprived. For the month of June, I purchased a green and black dress. The detailing on this dress is just gorgeous. It allows me to dress it up for a family dinner, or dress it down for a day at the beach. The versatility with which I've been able to utilize this piece is one that I'm absolutely loving.

For an ideal work from home schedule: Let’s delve into a few things that you can do to ensure that your time at home is not only restful, but highly productive.

  1. Keep a consistent sleep schedule: The brain is primed for progress. If you’re working from home, that means that you’re doing the majority of what you did in your office in a virtual space. With your commute eliminated, that means that your start time should be the same as it was when you were working. Maintain the same schedule that you kept when you were in the office. If you start at 8 am...make sure that you are up at the normal time, that you’re showered and dressed. While you may not be required to wear formal wear in your home space, dress business casual. If your body is aware that you’re primed to work, and are dressed in attire that is not indicative of a relaxed environment, you feel as if you’re at work, and start getting things done.

  2. Create a designated work space: If you have a home office, then work from that space. Identify a way that you can create the formality of the work environment in your home. If you don’t have a home office, you can create one. Utilize a spare table that you have in your home, and simply ensure that you have it primed with accessories like books, your computer, some stationery and work essentials, as well as a comfortable chair. If you want to add a pop of color, add a faux plant. Cacti are particularly good for the desk.

  3. Make some time for self-care. The reason that I have been stressing self care so much over the past few weeks is because being confined can be a stressful event. As people we are used to our freedom, and the temporary removal of certain liberties can play its toll on your mind. To keep yourself in a good frame of mind, you can take the time to actually do things like have a more leisurely cup of coffee, tea or snacks across the days. Stay hydrated, and keep a bottle of water by your desk. It’ll help you greatly as you motivate yourself to get things done.

  4. Set a work schedule, and stick to it. When the work day ends, take the time to do things like go for a walk in your neighborhood, attend your local park (more allowable in suburbs) and take the time to actually defragment. When you’re away from the home, but still close by, it will allow you to give your mind the illusion of a change of scenery. With the evening commute eliminated, you can now use this time to actually do things like exercise. Work out by walking, or if you have an at home won’t have to be fighting the traffic in order to attend your workout.


If there's one thing I've learned to do well in the Quarantine, it is to cook. Wanting to have more healthy restaurant quality meals at home, I started exploring pastas. Today, we are having a pasta salad. This will comfortably serve four people.

To make this you will need:

Tri-color Penne Pasta: One medium sized pack, that will fit into a medium sized serving bowl. I find that for salads, this is one of those pastas that everyone can comfortably eat. With small bite sized chunks, it just works out for the best in terms of presentation.

Mixed Vegetables: What this does is enable the pasta to have a healthy twist. If you feel like making your own salad you can. I actually incorporated vegetables from the garden with this. Spinach, Escallion and Sweet Peppers are growing well, so I went ahead and utilized the escallion in my mixture, and went ahead and added the spinach leaves and the sweet peppers as garnishes for the meal.

Bread/Rolls: I didn't have any rolls on I did the next best thing and grilled some bread. The grill creates beautiful lines on the bread as it toasts, so you end up with a restaurant quality presentation.

Pickle: You can sprinkle this unto your salad to add some additional flavour. This is our homemade pickle, made with vinegar, some cut purple onions and peppers. You just let it marinade and it will infuse with flavor over time.

Seasonings of your choice: Lawry's or any good seasoning salt will do the trick. Flavor to your liking.

Tuna: For protein. If you feel like having some variety, you can take the time to actually cook some chicken, beef or pork and place the chunks into the salad.


In a medium sized saucepan, fill about three quarters with water, add about a teaspoon of salt and bring to a boil. Cook your pasta for eight to ten minutes or until soft, drain, rinse and then place in your saucepan for mixing. Mix in your tuna, mixed vegetables and your seasoning. Transfer to your serving bowl. If you feel like saving some dishes, you can serve unto your dinner plates at this point.

In your serving bowl, you can garnish your dish. I took the time to actually garnish the dish with some spinach leaves that we have on hand. Basil leaves, mint leaves and rosemary also work well as a garnish.

Once all the pasta is ready, you can place your bread rolls or toasted bread (you can cut this small so that it's bite sized) in a smaller bowl so that you can serve from this unto your plates. Serve with a drink of your choice.

Present in a lovely fashion and allow enjoy your meal.

Being creative is a great way to live!! From the kitchen, to the dressing room, to the beauty space, you do have the ability to create a life that you absolutely love!! For June, the transition month...the exciting things are happening. As the seeds still must happen. Don't forget who you are, just find a budget perspective to do what you've always done. If you stop what you've always'll lose yourself...but if you do it on a micro scale, while the rest of life is'll still retain that which makes your life exciting.

I love you for reading!!


Dr T

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