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If You Stay Ready, You Will Be Ready When The Time Comes!

"When the student is ready, the teacher will come!!" - Buddha

Happy Day!! I hope you all are doing well!! Sometimes you have to speak to yourself and tell yourself that it is time for CHANGE!! Be your personal cheerleader. If you don't cheer for yourself the world won't cheer for you!! Wake up, and tell the mirror how wonderful you are, and then let the day flow!! You all know that music lives in my blood as a dancer. When I need that good energy to get things done, I listen to either some hip hop (nothing beats Rick Ross's "Hustlin'" or alternately when I need extra vibes and energy I'll actually listen to some Tasha Cobbs! When I need a breakthrough, I will listen to a song like "GET UP!!" and power through my day!! This is your world!!

With the annointing upon us as the week begins (I'm sure you all figured out by now that I listen to all genres of don't judge. If it sounds's in my ears!!), it is time to focus on our blessings and overcome any resistance to our good. They say that if you bless all that is attached to you, all good will come to you. When yours truly wakes up in the morning at 4 am... I have started doing the following in a mirror before I exercise and listen to my motivational quotes:

1) Blessing my Myself and My Career: You never know what people are wishing on you throughout the I bless myself when I wake up. I tell myself how wonderful, happy, beautiful and brilliant, and wealthy I am. If you know the Desiderata, they'll tell you that you must bless your career. Every skill of something to be grateful for. You never know when that one pottery class on a random Saturday will come in handy! Your skills are a blessing in these ever changing times. Your career is that avenue through which your blessings and your legacy will flow. I bless the accomplishments that I have, and those that are to come! I play some music while I do this and simply declare that today will be a good day!!

2) Blessing my Family: Not every one on social media posts their entire life story. Privacy is something that I value. I bless all those people who are important to me, who are present in my life, those who left us and now protect us, and those who are yet to come. It allows me to be more intentional in the day when I know that I have people to represent as I walk through the world. If you know you're a queen/king, you act like one.

3) Bless my Finances: When it comes to finances, I've learned that it's important to bless what you have, so that it may multiply!! I bless my purse every day now! Money is a sensitive topic, and one that I've been more careful with over the past 18 months! I no longer take it for granted, and so every day I give thanks for what I have. Next week, we'll talk about the different allocations - emergency funds, investment funds etc. I have been building. A simpler life allows you to save and invest. Now is not the time to really impress people. I'm simply building. Don't try to keep up with the Joneses! You don't know what's going on in their households!!!

In terms of my current circumstances, yours truly has taken the time to start upgrading my corporate wardrobe. I love getting dressed up, and love to men all dressed up in suits. For the entire summer, I've been fortunate enough to find some quality products at an affordable price. Starting with image one above, I purchased this dress on Friday as I was traversing the May Pen area. This is a really nice and thick Bordeaux knee length dress. It is fitting, but not tight. I will be styling this on my Instagram this week, so I'll do three looks for you all:

1) Corporate Casual: If you pull the top above your shoulders, you'll be able to wear this dress to work. Just accessorize with your favorite jewellry and heels and you're good to go!!

2) Date Night: If you wear the dress as an off the shoulder dress, it will be cute for a Friday night date with bae, when you can to look cute and chic. Additionally, if you feel for brunch at a relaxing site like Boone Hall with your family, it'll be a nice piece to wear for such an occasion.

3) Corporate Formal: Paired with a black jacket, this combination will be ideal for a board meeting. When you have important information to share with your clients, or have to fly to Miami to present to the corporate headquarters, the mix of a pop of colours and a formal jacket will be ideal for this occasion.

I am REALLY excited to get the wear out of this dress!! With versatility, the price to quality ratio is actually on point, and I look forward to enjoying the occasions I'll wear these to!


Life happens, and interestingly, as you traverse it, one important lesson that I've learned is that you can take action to ensure that your life journey is as smooth as possible.

Since nothing in life is perfect, one thing that you can do to ensure that you have the best for that particular occasion is to bless that thing. Everyone that I know wants to have a fulfilling marriage. That's really all that we work be able to leave a legacy, and build a life with the love of our lives.

This week, I've been reading The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian. What I find about this book, is that it realistically allows us as women (my demographic is predominantly women....but there's also the male version of this book) to ensure that no external forces creep into your marriage. The book doesn't claim perfection, but it protects your happiness. Any weaknesses in your union, are because an element was missing. If you reverse engineer your union, you can find the root cause and heal it.

The more active you are in maintaining that which was given to you, is the stronger the bond between you and your husband will be. The various aspects of your marriage such as you, your husband's various attributes are blessed by this book. As you affirm all good in your marriage, the temptations of life will not befall your household, and you'll surprising flow through the seventy plus years with more grace, calm and peace than you imagined! I like the concept of placing this critical aspect of your life in the hands of a higher power, so I've started ensuring that yours truly is praying for my marriage daily. You don't have to use this book of course, if you're non-religious, there are plenty of blessings that exist online. The Apache Wedding Blessing is one. As a DIY, you can do the following:

Find a Marriage Blessing, or even save your own wedding vows, have them organized in a beautiful array with a font you love, and then print the vows and then frame them and place them in a prominent area of your home. Either create a giant version of the blessing and place it in a prominent section of your bedroom, or print one for either side of the bedroom tables. You and your husband can repeat the blessing daily to remind you of why you ended up together in the first place. You can do this either before you wake up, or before you head to sleep. Marriage is a blessing that many aspire to, so ensuring that you don't take yours for granted is key. A happy marriage doesn't just happen, it is maintained and sustained. Reminders are key to sustaining a vision!!!

If you're single and reading this... all this means is that you have plenty of time to get ready for a happy marriage!! Learn in advance....and you can take notes and start visualizing how you'll keep your marriage healthy when the time comes. We are not meant to be alone, it's not a natural occurrence, but it's important to be happy with our selection. It's best to stay single and wait for the right one, than to fight to be with someone just for the sake of saying that you're in a relationship. Focus on what you want, and create the path to accomplish it!!

Have a great day!! I hope you enjoyed today's lifestyle segment!!


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