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Imagination is Queen: If My Life Were A Magazine

Welcome back to the blog!!!

2020 is the most interesting year that we've all lived. While the clock is still moving at the same pace, based on the fact that we've all been somewhat forced to slow down...sometimes more creative ideas will just come to me. When I was in my teens, I received monthly subscriptions to all the major teen magazines that existed on the western portion of the planet. Teen Beat, Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Tiger Beat...everything that glittered was in my personal collection. With pure pride, three out of my four walls had every poster known to womankind.

Now that I have my own social media platforms, I had a vision on Wednesday of this week, that I could envision my life as a magazine and TV show. As I set out on the journey, I made some amazing things. Graphic art is one of the biggest blessings to the new millennium. With a little tinkering, I went ahead and created some absolutely beautiful images. Let's see how this all unfolded.

1) Beauty

I love taking care of myself, and one of the things that I've been loving experimenting with over the past few months is my hair. I've been in wigs, I've been natural, I've been red and ombre. My flowerchild photoshoot above is one of those that I loved filming. It was one of those days where the sun was just right, not too overcast, not too sunny, and without any filters...the shot came out just right. It had an ethereal almost angelic vibe to it, and it's absolutely beautiful. It felt like one of those images that I'd seen when I was reading magazines like Seventeen, so I went ahead and created my own magazine. Calling my magazine Hype magazine, my vision for this magazine would be to represent millennial women. What do millennial women love:

a) Creativity: We live in a time where we get to define who we are freely. With fewer boundaries, the sky is the limit. Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Do it! Do you want to be a mom? Do it! Do you want to be an astronaut? JUST DO IT!! As you step out on the way...the way is made. Give yourself permission to be great!!

b) Happiness: We live in a time now, where we realize that happiness is more important than status. Once you live a life you're proud will literally shine through in everything that you do...and you'll touch people's lives in ways that you never thought possible. It feels good to be able to be a ray of sunshine in people's lives and that's who I aim to be as my life unfolds.

c) Independence: Millennium women love their autonomy. Yes...we love our men, but what keeps us thriving is being able to own our own corporations and give to the world our skills, talents and even share our beauty with the world in a way that we are all embraced and appreciated. Being beautiful, dressing well, and being healthy are very important in life. Once you are taken care of as a will the rest of the world.

2) Travel

If my life were a travel would be like one of those global traveller magazines! I'd explore the world's wonders like the Amazon rainforest, the Great Wall of China, the pyramids in Egypt, and also explore places like the Sahara dessert, Dubai, Morocco, Ibiza, and if I'm bold and adventurous...go whale watching in Antarctica! Inspired by a few courageous and bold women in my life...I've learned that life is the adventure that you create. Once you're independent, you have the ability to pretty much just do what you want, when you...and go where you want...with whom you want.

The world is bigger than your home town, your city and even your country. Take the time to happily explore it. Experiences are priceless, and if you take the time to actually create them with people that you love, you'll actually feel more fulfilled from within.

In my legacy, I want people to feel that I'm genuinely intrinsically happy. There's a thrill from having a happiness that you generate from within. When you're a thermostat, you control the outcome of your life. If you're a thermometer, you'll always be reacting to who the world thinks you should be.

2020 has limited our ability to actually explore our beautiful planet, but thankfully due to the advent of the internet and cameras, I've spent a lot of time exploring the stars through our astronauts. I feel like we all have a chance to look at our lives as a prize and just be grateful for that which we have been blessed with. Your absolutely amazing. Tell yourself that everyday...when you look in the mirror. Tell yourself who you'll be, where you're going, and what you'll be doing. Giving the world the greatest version of yourself, will not only benefit will benefit the world.

3) Lifestyle

As a child growing up, I'd binge watch Martha Stewart Living. For the life of me...I was so intrigued by how a person could be so creative and innovative with her resources. We all need to be that way in 2020. She'd have the loveliest things in her kitchen, grow her herbs in her herb garden, host fabulous parties and also organize her home in a way that made you feel like you wanted to be a guest there. It was all so breathtaking and effortlessly done.

With time of learn that life is not about what you's about how you do it. If you do the smallest things with the greatest will all overflow into your life in ways that you never thought imaginable. By being grateful for the life that you have, and really putting things into perspective, you'll realize how lucky you really are.

On the road to your grandest aspirations...ensure that you have a vision that guides you towards that which you really want. My parents had a knack for making our vacations and even our Sunday dinners into an event, and as I now am living my own life, I'm ensuring that I'm making every day a nice and relaxing activity. The one thing that the quarantine has taught me is to be patient.

My garden is my pride and joy and as we go through the process of planting seeds, transplanting seeds once they're bigger and actually seeing the plants bear fruits and vegetables is absolutely an amazing journey. It gives me more respect for what I'm cooking, it gives me more pride as I'm living my life and I just love it!

Many of the meals that I've been featuring on the ForeverLuxury pages and on the blog are actually incorporating the home grown fruits and vegetables that we have on our property.


With five months left in the year, what are the ways that you are taking the time to actually make your own life more beautiful. How do you perceive yourself and are there changes that you can make to ensure that you're the happiest and grandest version of yourself? People can sense when you're happy, so if there's anything that you want to improve, by making the steps to actually do'll not only help yourself...but you'll help your world. Tell yourself that you are worth a fabulous life!!

I love you for reading!!!


Dr T

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