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In With the New!!!

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Happy Day,

As the great Eminem once said..."Tonight...I'm cleaning out my closet!!!" Speaking of throwback...I'm hoping that you're keeping up with the music trends. Missy Elliott is BACK!!! As a scientist...I like the intro with...the lady going..." You don't know who Missy is...The Innovator of Innovators!!" We should all feel like this when we're on the way to When you arrive at work...the security guard should like..."You don't know who Tandy is...The Engineer of Engineers!" I see me going to my first day of work in my hot pink A woman can dream!! This is my current work track as I organize for change!

As the new week begins, yours truly has begun anew...(although they claim you should start fresh every day) and I made some changes to my social media activities. all things we are in routines that don't serve us, so I've started assessing my life and determining what feels good for me and just doing it. Here is an update on a few of the things that I've successfully changed over the past week. Bearing in mind that living is not a unique experience, I've learned from the best and made some adjustments that have me operating more optimally.

1) Social Media Purging: For those of you who've watched social media'll discover that every now and then YouTubers talk about the fact that they receive negative commentary. Yours truly honestly thought this was initially a joke...until it started happening to me in real life, and not only on my YouTube channel. I had mentioned the other day, that I discovered that one of my lecturers that I was working in labs with, was actually following my Whatsapp status posts and somehow judging me based on what I had posted.

Eventually, I realized that it wasn't just her that was doing it, so I started becoming very self conscious on the medium. Not that it was anything out of the ordinary, but it was one of those cases where I was actually called a "sell out" because I wanted something bigger and better than where I was. In life...your current condition is not your final destination. If you're not careful, people can try and place you in a box unless you fight for change. After listening to Infinite Waters ( I do this every now and then...when I need a boost) I discovered that it's best not to fuel certain beasts. Via my social media purges, I haven't changed my Whatsapp status for just about ten days now.

I feel free, because somehow on that medium, as with all outlets, there are expectations. People feed on your energy, so you have to be careful who you let into your world.

Likewise, I do the same for Instagram. I post three times per week to my subscriber base. I no longer stress out about updating, I set a day and then post on that day, when it's convenient. It helps me to become more creative actually, and puts less stress on me to be "perfect". Many persons have been overwhelmed by social media, so I'm working on ensuring that I'm a creator who flows and isn't overwhelmed. I draw inspiration from my own life mostly.

YouTube Purge: I had watched a video once, by a YouTuber who said that there was one particular year when she simply focused on drawing that inspiration from with herself. She had stopped watching people's channels for the most part, and just started creating from her heart. I now challenge myself to do that with my content. With respect to the YouTubers that I follow, I created a vacuum around myself and stopped watching their videos, and also temporarily unfollowed them from Instagram. What this has done for me, is remove external influences and I simply ask myself each day: "What do you want to post today? What feels like you?" And I work of that flow and find myself more liberated and less self conscious about what I'm posting and what people are thinking about what feels natural to me!

2) New Study Schedule

Your your life...and the most important thing is to live from your authentic truth. I have been practicing this lately. There was a point where I found myself trying to bend to people's will (cue when I first moved into this house and my landlady was really miserable), and discovered that I had started losing myself in the process. I was literally living my life according to someone else's rules...instead of allowing myself the freedom to do as I pleased! After much reflection, I realize that yes...I'm still that young scientist who loves to tinker, and at the same time who loves to socialize and have fun!! From that perspective I can confidently do what feels right for me! When it comes to life, the most valuable asset is your brain power and your dreams, so ensure that you protect them. What I study as a profession, and create online is unique to me and I've always loved it. True confidence involves finding that contentment within to do what works for you!

It is important in life to have a skill (you don't own YouTube, Instagram or Facebook...they are just platforms and can potentially disappear. You need your physical assets), just because it keeps you whole as a being. You have to have the strength to carry yourself through all aspects of your life. As much as being in a relationship is important to me, one thing I've always done is identify the type of relationship that I want to have. Power couples inspire my relationship goals. The positive role models that I currently look up to are Ciara and Russell Wilson and Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade. Their stories aren't stories of perfection, they are stories of persons who just chose to be happy, and you can literally feel it resonating from them when they interview. I believe in the power of equality, and having both partners be equally contributing forces to the relationship. It just balances life and with both individuals confident in their abilities to give to the world, it's a comforting thing. There'll be no jealousy with your mate, and your home will be a happy one!!

So yes...I'm here ensuring that I'm whole and organized!!

3) Ensuring that the VISION is in mind: Regardless of what's happening around you...begin with the end in mind as Stephen Covey said. Essentially that means that if you have a goal, you won't drift. I set goals for myself for the year and interestingly accomplished all of them. In terms of execution, some won't happen immediately, but I have room to accomplish them. One of my colleagues received her MBA at the age of 45, and yours truly realized that I still have a good decade plus to do the same thing. When you realize that there's time, you don't stress out. When you know where you're going...external opinions won't matter. You'll still be aware of them...they don't really go away...but you are able to navigate them like a skilled sailor can navigate the rough seas!!

That being's this week's lifestyle segment. Will the week be easy? NO. Will it be productive? YES...because we're going to take action to our goals! Will we act despite what people believe is supposedly happening in our lives? We all know that people like to speculate? YES WE WILL. YES WE CAN!


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