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Incentives On A Dime: Let Me Upgrade You

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Welcome back to the blog!!

I hope you woke up cheering!! It's always interesting when I see another blogger post about how you need to wake up and cheer yourself It takes me a good hour in the morning to prime myself into full Some mornings...I wake up feeling like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. This mind you...happens after a good eight hours of Once I rise...the grogginess lasts for about half an hour...and then as I start moving about, breathing stretching and just getting stuff pretty much just dissipates and I actually find momentum to accomplish things. By just staying focused and accomplished...I'd have finished a grand to-do list by 7 pm. It's just one of those things...but fortunately it doesn't happen every day. I'm actually able to gauge my energy and just push through. You are responsible for your own life. Once I tell myself's almost like a surge of energy comes to me. You learn to prime your life!!

On this good good Friday, I thought it would be a good idea for me to update you on my current vanity updates. It's always a great idea to have a space that inspires you, so I take my time to ensure that every week...aside from all the mandatory things I have to do like go to the bank and to the supermarket and clean the house, that I'm actually doing something that inspires me! This could be anything from purchasing a $2.00 pair of earrings to buying a more expensive dress. You have to do what you have to do in order to keep yourself motivated in this life!!! Let's jump into this week's treat!! By the year end...I'm expecting to be settled, but for by day and month by's the little things that count.


Luxury Beauty On A Dime
Hi - Low Perfume Mix

It's Friday...let's cue the theme song..."High-End". Yes...the proof of my youth is the fact that I am still here dreaming of going out again! Admittedly, there was a point where I identified that my business school tuition was the cost of a Patek Phillippe! Don't ask how I reached this conclusion, but somehow it was one afternoon, where I spent the time just dreaming School has a way of making you aspire for One of our lecturers drove a Porsche Cayenne...and it was at that point that I identified that I wanted one! Right now...while I'm building my business and my clientele...I actually take the time to actually balance out my expenditure. 2020 is the year that I'm planting my seeds for the rest of I'm more on the conservative side.

Fortunately...I'm not that deprived when it comes to my beauty items. I love a good high end low end mix. My staple high end perfume is the Versus by Versace. This is the perfume that I wear and get constant compliments on. For this reason...I'll definitely keep this one in my collection. If there's one more drop of this left...I'm buying a whole new bottle...because it's that awesome to me!! We all have that one perfume that we feel makes us feel like a Goddess. Versus is it for me!! Next to that...I live on Estee Lauder scents.

On the daily though...I utilize my body splashes. Interestingly...the Universe always gives you what you need. I was actually on a mission to buy another body splash when I stumbled upon Chic Lady by Body Philosophy. Somehow this scent wasn't on my radar...but it ended up matching my aesthetic. For the purple tones of the Versace...the Chic Lady works perfectly for the every day twin. Additionally, because I'm a lover of leopard print and gold...this worked out for the best! These two work absolutely well together.

Luxury Beauty On A Dime
Hi-Low Perfumes

My previous daily body splash was the Delicate Rose. She too has her high end match, and I keep her in the bathroom for a quick refresh. I paired the Delicate Rose with this perfume that my Granny had given me for Christmas in 2018. Interestingly...the bottle is finished but I wanted to keep it for the sentiment and the pink hues. If I feel inspired, I have plans to actually spray paint this bottle a rose gold for new vanity space. I absolutely love this combination!

With time of course...I'll keep building and just challenging myself to grow my collection. I have plans for stay tuned for the months to come! It being a Quarantine Friday...I'm here on my Friday mix.

Do what you have to do to create the life you want!! This is the driving force for my daily life activities! I allow myself to thrive daily!!

YOUR TURN: What are the things that you do to make yourself feel alive each week? Keep doing them. The world can take away your learn to generate your joy on a daily basis! I feel good daily because I create my day!!

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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