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Independence Park: May Pen, Clarendon

"Explore Your World!" - Every Great Explorer That Lived

Happy Day!!!

Welcome to another Friday blog!! God is good!! Chris Brown just uploaded his latest video two hours before I wrote this... so you all are in luck!!! Here's the song of the day...HEAT!! Life is good and all is well...because we make it so!!

As you all know, yours truly is a Leo. Lately, I've been taking the time to understand my sign which is a power sign. I get along with other power signs such as Aries interestingly enough!! The more I understand myself, is the more I understand what works for me, and who I should align with. Leos are powerful creatives, so with my current re-emergence into the social world and world of work, I'm making sure that I am readying myself for what is to come! Finding that positive energy within is something that I'm really revelling in and allowing myself to fulfill. The power to accomplish anything will have to come from within you! Captain Save A (fill in the blanks...this is a family blog) does not exist. You have to build your dreams and save yourself and protect your happiness!!

I have been taking the time to ensure that mind is sound and my body is ready for the long hours that are ahead. With respect to the weeks, I walk into May Pen for the exercise and boldy declare what I want in life because it is our birthwright to have all good things in life. Once you're free, all the greats will tell you that you have the right to take action towards the wonderful things that you want in life! Filling my mind with the all good, I find that I'm able to flow through the day with a power that I didn't quite have about two or three weeks ago. Essentially, as you'll all discover, once the time to take action arrives, the energy will emerge. Stay positive and stay focused.

For the month of August I'm grounded and so I decided that if I were to go on any adventures, I would go on these adventures in my current city. Asking my helper Faye where exactly to go, I decided to go to Independence Park, which is in the heart of the May Pen City Center. As you approach the Post Office and the Court, Independence Park is right between the two of them. Interestingly, the park is a mini version of Emancipation Park, where I used to exercise every Sunday when I was in Kingston, so it was quite exciting to be in a position where I could be in a familiar environment.

Walking into the park, I was able to find serenity and peace, and found a nice nook where I sat for a good hour and just allowed my mind to clear! While I was there, I allowed myself to simply revel in the fact that I'm moving soon. You have to prime your mind for change, and as you take action, signs will show you the best path forward. While I was there interestingly, I started envisioning my apartment, and then I started allowing my mind to want what I really wanted which was freedom and normalcy.

As my luck would have it, I left the park and started walking to the supermarket, and discovered that a corporate dress was available to me at a price point that I can afford. I bought it...and thanked the Universe...for we'll have another outfit to haul for the new week!! When I put on the dress all, I felt like a million dollars. It was almost like life was saying..."This is what you said you wanted!! Here's a sign!!"

Being in the park was peaceful, I know that I'm getting ready for all the hype. I promised myself that once I'm back to normal I'll be the Happy Hour Queen once again. As a business student I thrived on every social event that the school had. Who could resist free food and beer:) It was interesting how there was a point where the class actually had to ask the school to stop ordering us pizza, and we started getting catered sandwiches and healthy drinks to go with our soirees. As I was in the park, I allowed myself to simply dream of all these wonderful things.

For a good hour, I was in a place where I was really calm, devoid of excess pressure and simply able to be in a position where I was at peace!!! As the weekend comes, I hope you all are rejuvenated. You simply have to take the time to accomplish your dreams. Life is not a race!! It's a destination, so thankfully I feel pretty good about all aspects of life.



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