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Inner Beauty: What I Ate For Breakfast This Week

Happy Day!!

Welcome back to the blog!!! As you all know...from time to time, yours truly does take the chance to become version 2.0 of herself. Over the past few months (you may recall that I realized that I could gain weight in April) that I started seriously exercising once again. From this experience I realized that we can't take anything for At this stage of life I am petite, but trust me...if I eat the wrong foods...I too am not exempt from an extra pound or two in places that I didn't anticipate. Working on the theme " A Healthy Body Is Always Beautiful!" I have decided that I would take the time to share with you the breakfasts that I've been having this week. On Instagram, I do have my Tandy's Kitchen special and I've been airing that since day one, so I'll continue my series whenever I have something new to share. Many times, I have routines, so I tend to show the variation since you know my primary staples.

In terms of my breakfast habits, these meals are meals that I have after my morning workout. Essentially, to raise my energy levels, I've been working out in the mornings for about an hour and a half. I eat a small breakfast, and then have a big lunch about three hours after breakfast. With my breakfasts, I'm aiming to nourish myself and give myself energy. I'm not a nutritionist, but with time I've learned what works well for my body. I do now incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet and I'm finding that my immunity has gone up as a result. At the end of the day, I am much more able to rest, allowing my mind to clear once I'm finally asleep.

Recipe #1: From the image above, you can see that I have been having breadfruit lately. The fruit is still in season, so once we have any that are ripe, our helper Faye will pick and roast them. In the mornings however, I fry the breadfruit, and take the time to season it with some salt and pepper. On Sundays I will usually expand this meal, and eat the breadfruit with ackees and some sausages or saltfish, but in the week when I have things to do, I tend to just focus on keeping it simple and quick. For a drink, I am having some strawberry juice.

Recipe #2: Cinammon Wheat Cereal

A healthy breakfast is always the ideal start to a healthy day. I've started incorporating cereals into my diet lately, and have been loving J F Mills Cremy brand. They have different flavors such as strawberry and vanilla. I opt for the vanilla because I am able to flavor it as I please. For breakfast I usually have:

1) 100 g of Cereal - From the weight in the image, you can see this is half of the pack.

2) 50 mL of Cow's Milk

3) Two tablespoons of sugar

4) Cinammon to flavor

I usually start my cereal by adding enough water to dissolve the cereal in. You can adjust the volume as desired. Once I've gotten the right consistency, I go through the process of adding my milk and sugar.

I cook the cereal on a medium to high heat, until I've created a nice thick paste. Once the cereal has cooked, I place it in a bowl, and add the cinammon as a garnish. The result is a nice and healthy breakfast. I also will have this with a nice cup of mint tea.

Recipe #3: Smoothie

This recipe is for my smoothie. I don't cook at every breakfast session. I've been finding that Kiss has really nice baked goods that I do indulge in. I have one of their brownies every week! Additionally, they have some really nice coconut and vanilla infused cakes so I alternate the super healthy breakfasts with options like this, just so I don't feel like I depriving myself of modern living.

I don't each much dairy except in cereal, and this is probably once per week.

For this smoothie you will need:

1) 2 Slices of Pineapple

2) 1 1/2 bananas

3) Strawberry Juice - 400 ml

Place all items in your blender and simply blend until the consistency is smooth.

The breakfasts are actually filling as an initial starter for the day. What I aim for, is to ensure that after I work out, that I have a starter. My lunch proportions are actually quite huge, so don't judge the size of my breakfast. I just do what feels right for me. After workouts, I don't particularly feel like eating heavily, but I do feel the need to ensure that I'm ingesting the foods that will allow me to flourish across the day.

This is my current breakfast routine! Let us see what I can create in the new week! Have you worked out today?


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