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Inner Peace: Releasing the Over-dramatization of Life

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"Like Sand Through The Hourglass...So Are The Days of Our Lives" - Days of Our Lives Theme Song

Happy Day,

I'd like to suspend reality for a bit, and take us back to a time when life was a little bit simpler. As a millennial in an upper middle class household, my life story was interestingly idyllic. I went to a prep school, was driven to school by my father...who'd grill me about the most random things on Earth and I'll be laughing all the way to school. After school, I'd wait on the school bus which would carry me home at 3 pm, and I'd arrive home to my then helper Sharon who'd open the door and have my after lunch snack ready. She'd be doing her afternoon tasks which guessed it...watching the soap opera Days of Our Lives.

Trust me when I tell you I really got into soap operas because of her. To the point where when Passions first started playing on was the first soap opera I'd ever watched from the premier...and we would watch the two series back to back. Of course we had to know what was happening because it was juicy. I'm sure we all remember Carrie and Austin, John and Marlon, Belle and Brady...all that jazz. When Passions came out, we all wanted Theresa to be with Ethan Crane, Whitney her bestie also had her issues, and with all the family gaps (Theresa's mother being the cleaner of the Crane estate)...It was all GOOD!!! But good in terms of TV good. We were always taught from an early age...that reality and what's on TV are two different things. In reality, when such scenes are enacted it isn't exactly the most enjoyable scenario.

I'm sure we all go through periodic seasons of withdrawal from social media. It is very necessary. I learned this from Jim Kwik. I do it to purge my mind. Over the past two weeks, I did mention to you guys that my favorite YouTube couple disappeared from view and that the change is shrouded in speculation. Based on their comments however, all seems to be well. In my mind...I figured that after five years...they probably just wanted an anonymity break. We have to respect their life decisions. On the TV, there's ratchet TV with celebrities airing their indiscretions, on the news there's strife, and of course a series of YouTubers talking about their mental health challenges. After a while, it became unbearable to watch if you're used to a stable life, so I've taken a week to focus on happier things. I'm still online because I do have a blog, Instagram account and YouTube channel that I post to, but with the power to control what's on my outlets, I feel that by focusing on myself and the feelings of inner joy, I will create content that will add positivity to the world in a non-corrupted way.

While I'm mature enough to know that life isn't perfect, I'm also mature enough and conscious enough to know that we can engineer our lives to be as we want them. We can have the careers we want, we can have happy and faithful marriages, we can have healthy and confident children, we can be financially free and not be limited by the global matrix. We are not victims of our lives, we are the masters of our lives if we accept this. When we absorb content from social media, it actually becomes a part of us. Make sure that it is positive. In terms of self-mastery, one of the things that I've been doing as I mentioned, is selectively deciding what's on my outlets. I'm very conscious of what I present to the world. Not because I want to portray this image of perfection, my life is a good and happy one, but because with time you learn that people have been conditioned to expect the worst in other people and that success and happiness seem to be something that individuals seem not to want to celebrate. For this reason, I only present the best of myself.

I still write my blogs to meditation music, and I still take the time for self care daily and I'm finding that I'm much more stable as I progress through the days. I'm more in flow, instead of feeling that I'm forcing myself to get things done. With this...there's definitely a feeling of contentment. Trust me when I tell you that comparison takes away your joy, and I am doing what I can daily to protect my joy and my blooming empire. I changed my Whatsapp image to a picture of a I am protecting my energy. On Instagram, I post three times per week, and on YouTube, aiming for once per week till I move to my apartment and can do more things with a better camera.

Here are this week's inner beauty tips for a happier life:

1) Understand that you are in charge of your happiness. The happier you personally are, the better will be your relationships. You will heal, instead of drain people.

2) Keep exercising. I exercise every other day.

3) Know Thyself. Knowing your true nature, and your worth and value will keep you confident every day of your life. You'll you're beautiful, wealthy, confident, even if other people want you not to be.

4) Watch funny movies. This will release any pent up energy and heal you. When you laugh...your cells vibrate and your whole being feels relieved and free of pent up emotions.

5) Love Yourself: Find something that you love about yourself every day, to remind yourself of your beauty. This week, I'm loving my I've been working out and noticed the re-definition. With that focal point...when it comes to food choices, I go ahead and eat right because I've seen a change.

With the understanding of what's happening within me and externally, I'm finding myself managing myself better. I'm not worrying about the world, I'm managing my personal happiness and my life's flow!!

Your Turn;

How do you feel that the world is influencing you? Are you living for you...or living what someone else believes that you should be doing? Be conscious of your daily activity and take action to living the life that you've always dreamed of. We are all pulled by forces, make sure that they are the right ones. Have fun!

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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