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It's 5 pm Somewhere In the World!!!

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Yes's Friday as I write this! I need a drink...but it's only 11 27 am. I decided that since it's 5 pm somewhere in the some point I will indulge. Of late...I've been buying one Smirnoff Ice Guaramo a week. I like it way better than the Red Berry Crush!!! I have a good...nine hours left to grind away. Don't feel sorry for me...I think I have 53 days left here!! I work full time flexi...and I track my hours so I still have a way to go till I meet the week's deadline...but you know how on the last hour everything gets done...meaning that Sunday all day I usually working away to meet Just keep pushing! I'm happy though. I just take my time and do what's to be done. Additionally...I'm sure we all were super thrilled when the following appeared on Instagram this week! I lit up like a million

Yes...the image to right had us all talking I'm sure!!! It was a proud moment!!! I admire Jackie Aina for her positive energy...and unstoppable force of nature attitude...and sense of humor. I literally laugh for hours after watching her videos.

I think all millennial entrepreneurs can relate to her journey. It didn't happen overnight...but if you have that confidence in yourself and simply do what's embedded in you to'll achieve success. Celebrate others'll draw it to you! Fact!

Yes...the cheesy motivational talks...but people are taking action and achieving amazing things all day long.

When I feel like want to sleep this weekend...I'll look at this image and get back on the grind stone!!!

I don't know if any of you have ever experienced that feeling of accomplishment...but still feel like you're being dragged down or held back by something. It's almost like your accomplishments are you climbing some sort of invisible mountain. You wake up...nothing's wrong but you still feel somewhat lethargic. That's what I've been feeling for the past eighteen months. Internal unrest. There's an agony that comes with believing that you can do something...and as you're moving on your journey is almost like there's an invisible chain. The old you ( or possibly someone else you wants you to be their version of who they think you should internally fighting you to remain in the past...but you're challenging yourself to move forward). Break free!!

This is what I'm feeling right after watching all those YouTube videos about low energy...(yes there was a point), I've decided that I need to start My body...apparently needs more life energy in it, so that I feel more tomorrow...I'm going to the market. Bear in mind...that yours truly is as city as it comes. The last time I went to the was probably when I was five. After that...I've only been to the supermarket. What are we getting at my first ever market visit in probably 25 years:

1) Carrots

2) Tomatoes

3) Sweet peppers

4) Callaloo

With this...I'm going to make enough green juice to take me through the week. When I reach Kingston...I'll head to MegaMart (yes...I lived there once...was thinking we could probably go before Caribbean Fashion Week... (you will find it under events). CFW is next weekend folks...I haven't forgotten!! Along with the exercise and future hype...I will plot a graph of my energy levels with time! That's my current condition. On this Friday night...I will be working away...but allow myself to recover on the Monday!!!

Have a good weekend!!!


**Dr T**

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