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Learning a Skill: How To Passion Twist

Welcome back to the blog!!

Friday is usually the day that we're out and about...but this week we're going to be chillaxing at home. We have no choice but to finesse the art of being at home...for most of the time currently. Fortunately, I had a vision that I'm fortunate to have materialize this week. In life...I've pretty much just learned to be patient with myself. I'm pretty calm as a person...and just like to flow in life. It's my inner Leo. She will deliver when she needs to...but the rest of the time...she's pretty chill and likes to lay low. In 2020, quite a few visions that I had set intentions for in 2019...are fortunately materializing. Give Thanks!!! I'm finally getting around to a new protective style for my hair.

Just to give a brief history...the above image is my mane. She's been growing for the past three years as I did my big chop...and then took my time to braid my hair. After this exercise...I realized that my hair grows best when she's left alone. I kept my braids in for about three years. In 2017...I was in school...and the majority of my hair game was in wig central. Since I'm working from home...thanks to YouTube...I've been studying my hair for the past few months...and I've decided that I need to transform like Optimus Prime and give my hair some rest.

Generally, most hair gurus will attest that your hair does need a break. After a year of manipulation...I now totally agree. For the past few months...I've pretty much being doing protective hairstyles that last my hair for a week. Despite this...they still require me to manipulate my hair. At this point in time though...I feel like I want to give my edges a break. I've decided that I want to passion/spring twist my hair...and just leave it for a month to allow them to resuscitate. The image I have for my hair is outlined below. This is what I'm aiming to be looking like by the time the end of Friday arrives. My Instastories...and next Wednesday's beauty shoot will prove if I accomplish the mission. I did my best to find an Insta or Pinterest twin. Let's get started!!! It's always great to have a vision.


Over the past few days...I was actually able to pay a visit to the beauty store, and have all the relevant supplies. In the past few months, I've been taking my time to stock up on beauty supplies. I have everything from Kanekolon extensions to the hair jewels. While I work I will go through the process of documenting this journey in a YouTube video. I am aiming to record one YouTube video per week in order to fully capture the essence of my life. I feel like each platform has its nuances...and it's easier for me to snap a one minute video on Instagram...than to spend a few hours filming, editing and then publishing on YouTube. I'm challenging myself to make longer YouTube videos...and that does take effort.

For the look above I've stocked up on:

1) Beauty Elements Ghana Twist in Spring Twist. I chose the option with the red highlights just to ensure that I had that pop of colour at the tips. I don't add colour to my hair in order to protect it from chemical damage. If I want a pop of colour...I do it through my extensions. That way...if I feel like going pink...I won't have to worry about my baseline hair being impacted by the colour.

2) Elastic bands. I'm going to do the elastic band method in order to achieve this look. Since it will be the first time I'm doing this on my hair...I thought it best that I find a method that was the easiest for me to implement in order to achieve the look. To save some time...I've decided to twist my hair from the night order to ensure that I am able to upload and update my subscriber base on time on Friday.

3) A new comb. My current comb is a wide toothed comb that I only utilize if I'm detangling my hair. Since I wanted to make smaller twists, I decided to get a smaller toothed comb in order to achieve the desired objectives.

The process of doing my hair in a protective style does take some time. In such instances...I either take my time and either:

a) Watch a movie. I love to watch Hallmark movies because they keep my energy elevated and allow me to get my mind in a positive frame of mind.

b) Put on my favorite music. When I'm ready...I turn up!! I will turn up my trap music...and pretty much allow myself to flow through the exercise. You have to be excited about everything that you're doing in your life!!! When I'm ready...I'm good to go with a little Usher. This dropped...yesterday. I feel ready for summer. Here we go...Usher and Ella Mai "Don't Waste My Time".

My hair growth journey is something that I'm taking the time to take more seriously. Essentially, I feel like the whole of our existence is important. In my experiences, there were a few things that I wasn't able to accomplish in 2019...and fortunately for Q1 2020...I'm able to get them done.

Enjoy your weekend!! I'll update the site on my progress in the new week!!


**Dr T**

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