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Let's Get Creative! : Christmas Gift Basket Creations

Happy Christmas week! Pardon the absence of this coming Saturday's YouTube video. The exam disclaimer was already given.

However....not to leave you wonderful folks without an update, I took the liberty to do my Christmas shopping when the crowds weren't there. I did my Christmas shopping on Thursday, December 20 at 9 30 am. Lol. My shopping habits have always been of this nature. This has to do with the fact that as a former engineer in a 24/7 facility, whenever I was at work, I'd be inundated by tasks and people. As a result, everything outside of that sphere is usually very...quiet so that my brain can defragment and I can get some much needed rest.

When it comes to my shopping habits, I'm the type of person who'll shop at 5 am on a Sunday...because Megamart is open at that time...and I can get through once I'm less than fifteen minutes.

With the Christmas week shopping trend was no different. The objective was to create my presents in the minimal time possible. So of course...nothing speaks thought and efficiency more than the traditional gift basket. So I created one for my family. I'm still living that student life...but I managed to accomplish the mission of compiling a Christmas basket...and satisfying the present quota. I've dissected the contents of this basket below...just in case you decide that you want to follow a similar path.

For marketing professor, the queen of duplicates would be proud to know that I've discovered a dupe for Bath and Body Works Cashmere Glow for the few months that I have left as a student. I went to Woolworth's as usual. If you read the November monthly update...I either live there or Monarch...and they happened to have the Cashmere Sweater Body wash and lotion. Lol. I've opted for these for my Christmas body products. I have a tradition where I indulge somewhat in the Christmas week. If you love the Body Shop's Chai'll well and know what I'm talking about. This is my go to...for that one week only!! You need those products that make you feel like it's Christmas. On my current budget...I'm doing well with the Cashmere Sweater Body wash...and it smells amazing for the price. I'm now convinced that I can prepare some sort of thesis on this. The price to quality That was for make me feel like a million bucks before I get back to my study let's move on to the gift basket...which I created for the family.

I went through the process of walking through the various aisles of the store...with the intention of creating a versatile basket. Once again...the primary focus was the price to quality ratio. The items to the left are what I purchased. Just listing in case you feel inspired:

1) Basket

2) Bow

3) Plastic Wrap

4) Wine ( I went for sparkling grape juice for the cost to quality. If you're in Kingston...Loshusan has the best collection I've seen. They even sell Tesco stuff in

5) Festive Cookies (two varieties)

6) Wafers ( I discovered this cappucino flavored thought this was different)

7) Gloves (for every day)

8) A small towel for the powder room (not pictured...but purchased.

The next step was compiling everything into the basket. I didn't go fancy and purchase fillers... yet everything fit perfectly. If you want simple fillers...simply shred some blank papers...and you're good to go!

The final compilation before I wrapped everything appears below. The finished product...was the initial image. The entire activity took me approximately fifteen minutes once I'd compiled everything. If you're in a rush...or want to ensure you're budget is baskets are definitely the way to go! They're my go to for everything. All my care packages...are simply themed to match the occasion.

Happy Christmas when it comes!!! Mine will be a simple one...but I'm dreaming up an elaborate one for 2019!!!

I love you for reading!!!



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