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Let's Get Organized: What to Do When Your Facemask is Drying

Welcome back to the blog!!

A great sage once told me that it's better to focus on getting things done...rather than focusing on getting them done perfectly. We live in an age where perfectionism is induced into our existence. This is because as individuals with time we start realizing that every little thing we do is scrutinized by the insecurities of others. There is no perfection. You might wake up...color coordinate your outfit, put on your make up (matching the different elements to ensure that you're at the peak of your skin type) feel pretty good...and as you walk down the road knowing that you did a better than decent job...hear someone comment about how they don't like your shoes. If you're not sure of yourself as a man or will crumble at such negativity. Thankfully, I wake up and renew my mind every day!! Living in general...makes you stronger. I'm at that stage in life where I'm becoming relatively shameless (there's something about that after thirty stage where you start loving yourself and your flaws me there's always someone worse off than you) the sense that I'm not phased by external options as much any more and just do me.

Any one building an empire can tell you that the higher up you the more criticism you're bound to get. So at this rate...I've concluded that if I'm not experiencing any criticism...I'm not on the very of something cutting edge...and I'm satisfying the masses. As Elon Musk said..."You need to have a high pain threshold!"

In my skin experience, yours truly was blessed with that combination skin that acts up at a whim. If I'm in a cool to cold skin acts like normal skin. My pores close up...and my skin is flawless and smooth. I don't have to manipulate it much. The second I step into zones where the temperature is in the equatorial zones like Jamaica it starts "wilin!". So yours truly decided to embark on a healing journey. The past month being as it was...I was moving everywhere...and with all the stress aggravated my skin. Now that I'm settled at home, I have more time to take better care of her. I'm finding that the following two things are helping me:

1) Exercising: can still call me the girl who walks up the hill. I'm currently at two times per week...and I aim to improve with each run. I've done my hill runs seven times since I moved home. Run seven...someone gave me a drive home and during their act of kindness...verbally abused me for living in the middle of nowhere. In the future...I think it's better to just walk and save myself the drama. The forty minutes I take to reach home actually give me time to do things like visualize. I pass several dream houses on the road...

2) Drinking Water and My At Home Spa Activities

In's hot most of the time. There are intermittent rainy periods and right now is actually one of them. At around 2 30 pm most days this week, it's pouring rain! While I'm home...over the past two weeks, I've resumed my face masks. We all have those phases in life where we have to budget.

Since I'm in a restorative phase, I've cut back on things like visits to the aesthetician. In terms of my previous treatments I've done everything from Roaccutane (twice) and dermal needling before I started school. We all have those items that we purchased a year or two ago that we set an intention to use...and never got around to. I have a microdermabrasion kit, that's a dupe of the Clarisonic Mia. I will set the intention to do this once per week. Self care is key to longevity.


First of all...creative flow is one of the most interesting things I've ever come across. When I did the photoshoot for this blog post...I honestly didn't know how I was going to present facemasks in an appealing way. When I stepped outside though...the inspo came to me. Every artist can attest to this. really don't know what's going to happen, but as you take create something beautiful! I had fun...rolling in the ferns. Lol. I felt like a true natural. I felt connected with the Earth. Real Vogue editorial vibes with this one!!

As women...past a certain level...we all claim that we're too caught up in our emerging lives to do certain things like face masks and other self care [Insert your excuse, mortgage, corporate life...etc] Yours truly being in the same boat...I decided to multi-task and do my facemasks while I'm in the process of doing other things. We all have a half hour in our lives so to go with my "No Excuses" motto, I've decided to do my facemasks during the following interims:

1) Cleaning the house: The home is the most prevalent organization in the world. Running a home is comparable to running any Fortune 500 corporation. Operationally, you need to ensure you have your food and maintenance inventory, and have your cleaning schedule. If you ever read the book the Power of The Praying Wife by Stormie Ormartian, she actually lists all the things that women have to do. It's all possible...we just need to be more organized. Regardless of if you're the most affluent woman on Earth, once you reach home and are a wife and mother, your family will expect certain things: food and a clean environment being one. Even if you have a cleaner, or until you have your children at a phase where they can do certain things independently of you.. the additional maintenance has to be done by someone. Ninety nine percent of the time, as a woman...that person will be you! Since you have to clean any way...why not multi-task and do something like a facemask in the the two hours it takes you to clean the entire house? Put on your favorite music...and just call it an experience!!

2) Your early morning quiet time: One of the things that I've started doing is waking up before the world is awake. At around 5 am before you start getting ready for work, you can do your mask. Wake up early, make a cup of tea/coffee, listen to a good podcast...and do your mask. It'll make your day.

3) Wash Day: Sunday is my newly scheduled wash day. I'm training myself to return to work, so I figured that Thursday wasn't a realistic day for me to wash my hair. I am working on high efficiency, so I don't really spend more than two hours on my hair on wash day. You all saw that my updo's take about half an hour to forty minutes once I've washed my hair. All this is for a reason...because I have other things to deal with across the day...but I'm making sure that I'm not neglecting myself!!

Of course across the week, you can find various windows for self care. Before bed...while you're bathing your babies, while you're washing the dishes after dinner. Just keep your mask close by in your powder room and you're good to go!! I've learned that like all things...if you don't make the time for them...eventually you lose the practice!!! With practice...I'm sure my skin game will get back on point!!!

Enjoy your weekends!! The key to to enjoy it regardless of your age and stage of life!! absolutely FREE!!!


**Dr T**

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