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Let's Work It Out: Body Goals

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Happy Day!!!

Welcome back to the blog!! For today's beauty segment, we're focusing on our physical fitness. I believe in wholistic beauty...and as a result, aim to target all aspects of my being as I progress across my day. While I was moving...Jennifer Lopez was doing it big and taking over the Versace 2019 show!! I've settled into my new place thankfully, and I wanted to share with you my new morning routine, and identify who inspires me to be the current best version of myself. If you all remember that green dress I'd bought earlier in the was actually my ode to J Lo. I honestly had no idea that she was going to re-debut the dress at this year's show...but when I saw the dress in April...all I that I had to have it!!! I just felt the vibes...and fashion like all something that will call to you and you just respond when cued!! It feel cool, it felt comfortable, it felt SEXY.

Fast forward some time...and somehow as I was skimming through my YouTube feed, I found one of J Lo's videos about her getting ready for the Hustlers, and then after that in the flow (you know how YouTube does...) I found a video of her preparing for the 2019 Versace show!!! The two activities not only gave me LIFE...but they gave me goals to aspire to as a millennial. One of the things that I find about putting yourself on show whether as a celebrity or a Youtuber, is that it actually forces you to be your best self. You become conscious, because people are watching you. Once my Instagram page past a certain number of followers, I started becoming conscious of every thing I presented and felt the need to be more "perfect" if such a thing exists. People like to criticize, and we already have enough going on in daily life to be stressing out about what people think of us...when we post a video or picture. No wonder Beyonce has her children going to confidence Life in the spotlight...can be stressful. You have to have...a thick skin!!! At this point...I just do my best in all aspects of life...and just trust that I am ENOUGH on a daily basis.

As far as I've been a music fan, J Lo as an individual has always been on point in terms of her fashion sense. I love the fact that she clearly takes major care of herself, to the point where as a dancer, I can feel my own inadequacies and challenge myself to do better in terms of what I can physically achieve. For a while now...(not that I'd do this publicly...I've been aware that pole dancing actually makes the body very fit. I've seen the fitness videos...and as a dancer...had a curiosity about one day trying a class). Hustlers as a movie reminded me of this in 2020...I'll put this on my list of I'd even seen one episode of where Missy Lynn and friends had gone to a class as part of birthday celebrations and it just looked like Googling JLo's age...I was very inspired by the fact that she is actually healthier than probably 99% of the nation. I believe that we're in a time where it's possible for us to redefine what is expected of us once we are in particular age brackets. As a result, my aim for when I'm to represent physical fitness because the best way to be there for my family is be healthy and happy. For that reason, I stop worrying about my age and just ensure that I am living my dreams.

When I saw J Lo getting ready for that Hustlers movie, I was inspired to start dancing again. You may have seen my footage on Instagram from last week. During the week that I was home, I actually took the time to warm up my body. I've been dancing since the age of five, and was in the companies University Dance Society ( UWI , Mona) and in the dance group Deh Jah Dance Theatre. The last season I was in was the 2012 season of Deh Jah. You can see our video here.

An injury in 2013 is what caused me to stop dancing. I injured my right third I was jette-ing across the stage one night in a class...after work. Life as an engineer is also a physically active activity, and I found that after a day of climbing oil tanks and slurry tanks, my body couldn't manage the one hour of physically intensive activity in the dance studio. Now that I have more time, my body is craving the need to be more creative, and I've been choreographing my own mini work outs for Instagram. As time progresses, and as I get much more fitter, I'll be able to step up my intensity.

With my new location, I'm actually finding myself able to exercise once again. I'm in a large community, with plenty of peace and quiet and open road that I can walk on in the early mornings. Today is my first full day here, and I woke up this morning and simply allowed myself to walk for 1.5 hours. I ensure that I'm warm before I go, and then walk either on the ring road, for about an hour, and once the early morning traffic builds up, I take the time to actually walk about one of the two fields that are in the neighborhood. These fields are where the children in the neighborhood do things like play, but early in the mornings I have the spaces to myself.

I take the time to affirm all good things like the fact that I'm ready to return to consulting in a month, and prime my mind for that change for the day. I still feel that internal resistance as I progress through the day, but interestingly, I just will myself to do things and as the day progresses I'm actually able to just get things done and feel accomplished at the day's end.

At this point of my journey, I feel happier, and healthier and motivated as the week progresses. With minimal distractions I'm actually able to focus on what's to come in my week. I sleep better now that I'm here as all is well. On Wednesday, I'm heading into town, so will share with you wonderful folks what I've done. As a start, I started earring shopping. I had an extensive collection, but interestingly with all the moving that I've been doing across the past few months, I haven't been able to keep up with the collection and it dwindled. Many of my earrings simply got lost in transition, so I'm taking the time now to restore them. I will feature my finds on Friday's fashion finds...and also style them!!

Have a good rest of the week!!! I'm settling back into my flow. I feel good!!! I feel healthy!!! I feel happy!!!


**Dr T**

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