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Let The Stars Align : From the Board Room to Happy Hour

"You'll be my rise and shine...soon as the stars align." - Ariana Grande

Welcome back to the blog!!

Lots of wonderful things are happening behind the scenes. I'm so excited!!! The new week is a dream come true. If you've ever had the small scale version of what you feel will be the grander dream you have within...that'll be me in the new week. So excited to share with you all. I'm feeling like I'm floating. That being said...let's create today's mood with Ariana's "NASA". This song puts me in a happy place...and I'm sure it will do the same for you. I did take the time to fulfil my commitment of sharing with you some protective styles that I've been applying to my hair. I am currently in the process of growing it out, and find that the best way to do this is to keep it nourished and protected. I aim to protect both roots and ends...and minimally manipulate it. I evolve I am aiming to be inclusive...because I notice diversity in my subscriber base...and notice different hair types attempting my styles. I love it...and appreciate you!! It's always see your reflection in others. You are always welcome to try!! We all wanted something new and different.

Yours truly believes in self-care, and currently I'm a young professional. I work from home...and shortly will return to work. I'm not a mother yet, but I noticed that some of my subscribers not only have jobs or businesses, but also have children. I have started seeking ways to help you lovely ladies stay chic, without spending too much time on hair. This week, I created an updo that took me just about one hour and 15 minutes to do. If your hair is already'll only take you about 20-30 minutes to style. You can do this while your babies are sleeping, while hubby's out with friends of if you're busy in the week and you have alone time, or on Sundays after your wash day. It's easy and quick...and very chic.

The trick to this style, is to ensure that you have enough hair to give yourself some volume. If your hair is short to medium length, hair extensions in your hair texture are the trick. You can always find bundles on special at your local beauty supply store. I was lucky this week, and got my hair on a 2 for 1 special for just a dollar! I'm all about luxe for less...and I think I nailed it this week. I save money right now for every dollar counts. My hair texture is 4C, so I ended up purchasing two packs of Kanekolon Hair in the colours 1B and red 27 mixed with 1B to match my texture. Don't be afraid to experiment. If you're blonde for instance, you can purchase differing shades of blonde or even a red to give you dimension in your styling. In total the following items were what I used:

1) Shampoo: I'm currently using Ashley's Berry Shampoo

2) Conditioner: I'm currently using Alberto VO5 Free Me Freesia. I use this as my leave in conditioner.

3) Purelene's Black Hair Grower: This also comes in a blue hair grower. It's a heavy oil, that is lighter than a gel in terms of hold. I prefer heavy oils to gels, to minimize breakage. If your hair texture is straight, I think a mousse will work well for you. You just need to ensure that your hair holds after you catch it up.

4) Two packs of Extensions: Mix the colours according to your mood. If you're wanting to stay a little more on the conservative side...just get the colour that matches your own. If your hair is straight instance, you can utilize curled extensions in your hair texture, to give the updo dimension. Since I've been experimenting...I wanted a little "red" explosion. We need to switch it up every now and then. Variety is the spice of life!! I saw a girl with blue hair today...and might try a look like this for New Year's Party.

5) Hair bands: Large enough to hold two halves of your hair

6) Hair pins

The process:

1) Since Thursday of this week was my wash day I went ahead and washed my hair. This took me about half an hour of the process. If your hair is already clean, you can skip this step.

2) Since my hair needs moisture, I went ahead and added my conditioner and leave it in. Because I'm a 4c natural, I decided to style my hair wet with just conditioner. If you want to style dry, rinse out the conditioner, blow dry and add your hair oils to keep your hair moisturized. If your hair texture is straight, blow dry and moisturize.

3) Part your hair into two from ear to ear. Catch your hair up into two buns in the center of each section. One bun will be a ninja bun, and the other will be a low bun. You will anchor your extensions to these buns. Since I'm protective styling I actually flat twisted the hair in my upper bun towards the crown of my hair, then made a bun with all the twists I want to protect my hair from breakage, so I apply minimal pressure to the front hairs.

4) I wanted to add pizzazz but not overwhelm, since I have some business meetings on Monday. The red I have is mixed with some 1B, so it's subtle. The hair comes divided into two, so I took the time to twist each half into two and have four medium sized twists on either side of the center elastic. I attached the red extensions to my lower bun (via the elastic band initially) and took one of the twists, and used it to strengthen the attachment to the bun. I was then able to use the other three twists to creatively wrap around the low and high bun. If you see the picture above you'll see that there's a pop of red in my top bun as well, but I didn't do too much because I have to go see clients in the next few days. If I was going to the club...I'd have done the whole thing feel me:) I didn't have time to record a tutorial, but after watching a few YouTube videos, I found the twist pattern that I wanted to emulate and worked with that. Here's my favorite updo tutorial. It's just three minutes...for you busy folks. Once you get the gist you'll gain confidence to be creative.

5) Once I'd gotten the twist pattern I wanted with the red extensions, I went ahead and pinned them into place.

6) I repeated the pattern with my 1B extensions. The first image above shows you how I treated the front bun. The finished look is outlined below:

I'm very happy with the results. I feel chic, I feel fabulous!! I went ahead, and dressed for a day out running errands. Since it's still hot, I paired the look with some rose gold shades, gold hoops, and my bracelets that I made last week.

I showed you all the creative flow of my bracelets in my previous blog article.

The look is one that I'm loving...and I'm looking forward to rocking this in the city this week. I have a video to film with Woolworth's on Monday, so I feel confident that I'll be sophisticated yet relaxed with this look. I call this effortless "housewife" chic.

Additionally, you can can wear looks like this to work for all my working women. I like to make I feel like the corporate world has shifted somewhat...and you don't have to be that serious at work. If everyone else is in jet black or blonde hair and you're in a pop of'll stand out from your cohorts. I chose wine red for my hair colour because it doesn't overwhelm, yet still gives you that party in the back vibes. With a few accessory and jewellry'll be ready for the boardroom. Walmart, happy hour and date night!!

Happy Styling!! Enjoy your Weekend!!


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