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Letting Go of the Past (Week)

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Happy Friday,

Yours truly woke up with a Drake song playing in my mind. The lyric was something like..."I might be too strung up on compliments...overdosed on confidence...drinking every night because we drink to my ACCOMPLISHMENTS!" Well...with that one tune...I concluded that today is the day that we all just let things go. Let's cue the beach scene!!! In the future...I will vary them...but trust me...I think on a regular basis...but this is really how I feel once the morning comes. The extra energy appears for me to get things done. Today...I give thanks for health and good opportunities...and my last lab group of the week:)

Cheers to your weekend:) Tomorrow...we talk about Palm Cottage and see if that's where I should go as an The car mission is still bubbling. Every day...I count how many GLC Coupes I see on the road...but interestingly...I was crossing the road on campus and the two cars that stopped beside each other to let moi cross... just happened to be a BMW X6 and the BMW 300 series. It was like they were twinning. Same color and we'll talk about this on Sunday for the dream session!!!

It's a good life. We'll talk tomorrow. Take it easy on this good good Friday!!!


**Dr T**

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