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Life Organization 101: The Meal Prep

Image Credit: My Own Handiwork. Go me!!!

Happy Thursday!!!

Pardon the delay in today's blog article. I'm usually ready with them by 9 am CST. Today...was a struggle day:) I went to work this morning (I'm usually home) just because I was trying to show interest in the admin side of things...and trust me...I won't be repeating the exercise for a while after this:) It's the classic case of the irrelevant mundane meeting.

This week...yours truly missed breakfast TWICE. Wednesdays are a national holiday on my blog as you all know. I leave home around 6 30 am to get to my 9 am lab session on time....and don't return till around 9 pm after my evening group!! I'm literally exhausted by the day's end, having two sets of students to manage in one day. So in the rush to this irrelevant meeting this morning...because of last night's exhaustion...I literally slept till the last half an hour and rushed out the door after getting ready this morning. Food was an afterthought till the afternoon when I was eating everything in sight.

As I commuted...I started thinking to myself (you know how you do when you've mistreated yourself and need to recover) and I decided that it's time to go back to the meal prep now that I have four days of work instead of my usual two. The above is an image from when I was a meal prep my Cleveland apartment. I felt sooo proud every time I did this:) This wonderful activity went down...on a Sunday...after gym, after the supermarket...and after a much needed Sunday nap. Without any further ado...let's get started!!!

As a general background...when I was in my MBA got hectic really quickly. In the midst of the rush...I discovered that I needed to ensure that my meals were ready because the week could entail anything from a late night group a weekend excursion in the Kelvin Smith Library. With Rite-Aid across the road...I invested in five containers that could hold my dinner for the day. See image above. It was just the microwavable containers that you can easily access in their dollar section. If my memory serves me correctly it's about $1.00 for three.

My weekly meal prep included the following:

1) Rice-A-Roni (Spanish Rice is my favorite) x 2

2) Chicken Breasts and Thighs (1 large pack)

4) Frozen Vegetables

I started the process by seasoning the chicken after it was defrosted. Each week the seasoning would change...but I would generally bake it for health reasons (and the fact that I like to do other things while the food is cooking) My options for seasoning included barbecue or just regular meat seasoning...or simply a combination of salt and pepper. The chicken baked for approximately one hour.

While the chicken was in the oven, I'd prepare the rice according to the manufacturers instructions. Since I used two packs in a batch, it took a similar amount of time to cook as the chicken did. I let the two process take place in parallel.

After the hour...I'd then lay out the five containers on the counter as you see above, and serve equal portions of my meat, vegetables and rice into them. I let the meals sit on the counter for about ten minutes to generally equilibrate to room temperature, then cover four and place them in the freezer, and take the fifth one and place it in the fridge for Monday evening's dinner. As I used a container from the fridge, I'd take the prepped meal from the freezer and replace it.

I'm finding that as I get busier, I tend to neglect myself. With the focus back on self care, I'm opting to return to my routine.

I hope you found inspiration for your weekly activities!

I love you for reading!!!


**Dr T**

P.S. Happy Valentine's Day!!! As I got busier...I lost track of the song of the Here's Leela James Falling!!! I'm walking down the aisle to this song when the time comes!!!

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