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Life Restoration: Getting Ready for The Next Stage of Life

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"Whether you think you can, or think you can't...either way you are right!" - Henry Ford

Happy Day,

As an industrialist myself, I found Henry Ford's quote quite inspiring. On a daily basis, it takes me about two hours to fully find my groove once I wake up in the morning. I'm sleeping a bit more heavily and peacefully now...influenced by the diet changes and the fact that I'm keeping my mind more engaged on my higher priority, bigger ticket items are really helping me to expend my energy on a daily basis. In summary, I am happy both the normal definition, as well as the Tony Robbins definition of happiness - the fact that I am making progress on a daily basis. If you guys remember that statement Vin Diesel made in The Fast and The Furious...he said "Whether you win by an inch or a mile...winning is winning!!!"

So that's exactly what I've decided to the day, so that I can win the week!! I've been talking a lot about the best practice of underachieving that I do each day and each week. Underachieving essentially is allowing yourself to not stress out over things, but challenge yourself to accomplish the minimum unit of a task. For example, if you have fifteen hours of work to do in a week for a simply allow yourself to do three hours a day for five days...and the process itself will actually feel more effortless than if you forced yourself to do the entire thing on a day.

With less'll actually feel inclined to want to do it. They say that the human body is designed for comfort, and stretching yourself is something that we have to induce energy from within to accomplish. There is a process of continually overcoming resistance, much like the process of a rocket leaving the Earth's orbit in order to reach space. Once you leave space actually get to the point where you are cruising. For this reason, the motivational books tell you to simply persist, in order to ensure that you are strong enough to reach your destination. In the initial phases, you really have to challenge yourself to simply begin, and once you do, eventually you develop the momentum that will take you to your destiny.

At this stage of the exercise, I have started focusing on my move. I am challenging myself to not get comfortable where I am. The second "yes" came for school, and of course with more options I'm now challenging myself to actually move in the time frame that I said would. With the two options, I now have some flexibility, and also have to challenge myself to be fully independent. The reason that I set the intention actually to move to this flat was because I didn't want to be here permanently. That being the you've heard me continuously stress...I've been counting down the weeks that I'm spending here so that I can actually find the momentum to make the leap in the few weeks.

I've started looking at apartments in the two areas of interest, and interestingly, operating in a manner opposite to how I operated when I first started my MBA, I've decided to look at studio apartments, one bedroom apartments will be a luxury till I'm fully working... but I'm also finding that there are studio and one bedroom apartments that are falling into similar categories in terms of pricing.

Additionally, every day I've been watching YouTube apartment tours and getting a feel for what I want my apartment will look like. Interestingly...I do intend to thrift for some items...but when it comes to the critical items like my bed...I'm definitely getting that brand new off of Amazon. A few months ago...I had literally made my apartment list of items that I would need for my place. These included:

1) All my household appliances

2) Furniture

3) Rugs

4) Bathroom Accessories

5) Accents that will enable me to personalize the space

In the process of watching and learning from others, I was able to identify where to get in terms of the places that I will frequent these will include:


2) Home Goods/TJ Maxx/ Marshalls

3) Goodwill for things like silver

4) Walmart

5) The Dollar Tree

Additionally, I'm carefully thinking through my financing options. It's an exciting time to be thinking all of this through in advance and you start any process...initially it's going to feel surreal. There's a part of you that won't believe that it's actually happening...and a part of you that will be working towards making it happen. It's that battle of the minds that you'll have to win! Stay positive follow what feels process is perfect...but persistence always results in a desired outcome!!! I'm looking forward to making the choices and changes that will enable me to be fully free and living my dreams.

This is where my headspace is at right now. I'll still be styling as usual...even thinking about what I'll be wearing to school...but as with many projects that we set for ourselves, it is important for us to return to our cores. I am Chemical Engineer and Management Consultant in the making, and I'm simply ensuring that I return to a life that I'm used to.

Have a good week!!!


**Dr T**

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