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Lifestyle: Getting Back Into The Flow

Welcome back to the blog!!!

I hope you all had a good weekend!! My brain is still slightly in Christmas mode. This week usually cleans up all the festive feelings and reality sets in!! Above is 100, the restaurant we went to. I was off camera for the two weeks... so didn't snap. Its hype!!! Essentially, 100 is a full experience...and as you guys can see...on the ground floor is the Casino, the middle floor is the Sports Bar, and upstairs is the rosemantic ('s a word..get ready for Valentine's Day...I'm back on my Zayn Malik flow) Terrace Restaurant. Depending on your flow from floor to floor. I'd booked us dinner on the Terrace...but since it was raining we were transferred to the Sports Bar. The Sports Bar was like a low key club. There was one birthday group across the room...and when the cake came out...the restaurant paused the normal music flow to play none other than...Birthday Chick!!! The entire group started twerking...and yours truly was low key twerking and eating and celebrating with them. You know how you vicariously join in people's party when it's quiet in your own corner...lololol. That's how the night went!! I live for things like this!!

Back in realityville in 2020....after the New Year it's pretty much a matter of restoring life to normalcy. For the record, everything I do (with a few twists along the year) is pretty systematic. My inner engineer likes order and control. We need a baseline to flow through life with. I'm spontaneous...but in a controlled manner. It keeps my life calm...and keeps you all appreciative of an evolution in a logical flow, and not feeling like I'm all over the place in my flow. Reminding my subbies of our blog and Insta flow:

Monday: Lifestyle - Home Decor, Home Management, Exercise

Wednesday: Beauty for Busy Moms/Young Professionals

Friday: Fashion and occasional Travel

With that said...let's resume our Lifestyle.


I mentioned that I still exercise on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Even if I don't nudge on my Instagram stories...please create a schedule that works for you. If you have a strong enough why (wedding dress body, Spring Break and Summer body, post baby weight loss, Instagram baddie, General Wife Life...etc) it is beneficial to your self confidence as a woman (or man) to ensure that you are healthy.

Happy Woman = Happy Life and Happy Everybody

I really take the time to ensure that on my scheduled days I do exercise. I feel myself getting stronger on the hill. In the beginning, I'd be tired after my workouts...but's effortless. I've transitioned from three breaks on the walk none. I just flow...for the two miles uphills!! I am getting back to my dance company body.

As a woman, I find that I do have days where I don't feel like doing what I should do...and what I do in those instances is micro-achieve so that I don't overwhelm myself. The process of micro-achieving when I don't feel like exercising is me using the indoor bike. I started this process three weeks ago. Here is my indoor routine with the bike:

1) I'm usually fully awake by 7 am. I wake up at 3 am to meditate...but by 5 am on alternate days I fall back asleep. 7 am though (while I work from home) is my magic hour and I pop up and get to action. On a work out day...where I can...I actually sleep in my gym wear. I wear my tights and fitted top or sports bra. If that doesn't suit me, I take the time to actually lay the clothes and my sneakers and socks beside the bed, so that when I wake up I can take the action to put them on.

2) My usual workouts involve walking downstairs, heading outside and up the hill. I walk for 1.5 hours with half an hour for warm up and warm down. There are some days where I've noticed I don't feel like doing this. The exercise bike is down the hall, and I've taken the action to simply walk down the hall, set the bike on the lowest setting, adjust the height to match me, put on some Fire 105 to raise my energy level. Here is where the micro-achieving begins.

As mentioned, by Thursday...I usually don't feel like working out. I work out in three twenty minute segments, or two half an hour segments. At the half an hour, I walk to the balcony, sit for five minutes and cool off...affirm health and all good things...and then return to the bike. It's a push, but by the second twenty minute segment, I'm pretty comfortable in a flow ( and hyped by the music...sometimes they play some good Drake and I feel like I'm in the club) and I so keep going!!

In the initial phases...somehow your body will resist, but once you start the motion, as with all things in will find yourself in a good flow. The thing you'll find about your body is that you're the owner, and as a result, you have to really take an effort to take care of what you've been blessed with. If Momma is happy...the whole world feels like roses!! I don't know how else to explain it...but once I get my workouts in, get that blood pumping and sweat flowing and skin itself flows!!

Spending time outside allows me to get back into the gardening flow!! I feel like it's important for us to be well rounded, and I love being in the garden. I'm aiming to show you all my floral arrangements or floral inspo each week. When I walk as you know...I always find neighbours gardens and blooms that I admire. I don't do fancy arrangements, particularly since the plants aren't always flowering all the time, but I've been doing things like cutting sprigs of ivy and placing them in water to add some life to a small nook like the downstairs powder room. Yesterday, I went outside while my hair was drying (Sunday is wash day...yes we're back to that routine) and I found that there were some plants growing in the wall. A few ferns and the above purple plant...seem to have made the dividing wall between our neighbour and our home... their home.

The bouganvillea are actually in bloom right now and I'm excited to cut a few sprigs of these, and place them in a bowl with some ferns. The blooms make a difference to your life. I feel like plants are in the same realm as candles or aromatherapy. They add that soft touch to a space that makes it welcoming and comfortable.

I'm enjoying the process!!

As our inspiration for the next few days:

1) In what areas are you falling behind and feel like you could benefit from micro-achieving?

2) Is the house back in order post Christmas? I had a post Christmas clean.

3) Are you on top of your workouts?

Have a good day!!

I love you for reading!!!


**Dr T**

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