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Lifestyle Management: The Organized Life

Welcome back to the blog!!

Life is good and all is well!! With the flow of life, we go through periodic waves of chaos then calm. Interestingly, I've figured out the pattern in the household and have started the process of identifying the critical things that I can do to keep my life in order. As you all know, on my journey to full time work, I currently work for external clients part of the week, online clients part of the week, and then work on my social media activities the rest of the time. My week is pretty full, and getting fuller and I'm allowing myself to still maintain my flow. I wanted to share with you all, in terms of this week's lifestyle segments, some of the activities that have been making my life flow more seamlessly.

1) Cleaning Schedule: This task is one that I'm currently dividing and conquering. I've been making more cleaning videos on my ForeverLuxury YouTube channel, so feel free to keep up with that medium for more videos on that theme. One of the key things I've been focusing on is microachievement. In the image above, you will see our bar and breakfast nook area. In my weekly cleaning routine for the area, I take my time and ensure that every two to three days, I take the five to ten minutes that it takes to simply ensure that the space itself is being kept nice and clean. With my microachievement strategy, I take my time and divide and conquer a space, and allow myself to do small tasks instead of overwhelming myself with tasks that will feel like a mountain. The bar is an area that I've been paying more attention to lately, and believe the first place that I see when I reach downstairs in the's always refreshing when it's nice and clear.


As someone who's on the hunt for ways to save money (I'm currently on an investment saving my coint), I've been really careful with respect to how I'm spending money on certain items. In our household for instance, I noticed that we use one bottle of coffee per month, and then discard it. I had the brilliant idea, that we could start recycling the coffee bottles and actually use them as mason jars in the pantry. We have a lot of rice, beans and pasta in the household, and the coffee bottles are an ideal solution for this. In the image above...I went ahead and soaked the empty coffee bottle overnight, the label pretty much came right off, and I went ahead and washed and dried it. I placed some rice that we'd purchased in it, and it makes for a more pleasant appearance than the original packaging. As my luck would have it...Nescafe had a coffee sale...and we picked up two bottles (with a banging gold label honey!!!) I'm literally counting down till March to use these empties!! For more ideas on how I recycle in the household, feel free to watch my latest DIY Recycling Video. The recycled items are a series on my channel, and every week I'll demonstrate how I recycle glass and metallic items, and even utilize natural plants in our home to ensure that it stays spruiced up and pretty. I am a member of Dollar Tree Tribe after all...and it's paying off!!


The refrigerator is one of those spaces that often gets cluttered with items if we're not careful. Over the past week, I decided to create a cleaning checklist for spaces like the pantry, and the refrigerator and simply take the time to ensure that I was sticking to this schedule. My Refrigerator Cleaning video is also readily available for you to view if you want to see my cleaning process. The entire process takes me approximately 40 minutes to do, and it is one of the most satisfying parts of my day. Usually when I do this, it will be when I'm on a break from work or editing for my YouTube channel, and I find that it just helps to be able to juggle all aspects of your life so that it doesn't become overwhelming.

My baseline schedule is still standard. I've mentioned in the past few weeks that I'm an advocate for certain routines. It just helps when you are grounded in life, to ensure that you have all the solid items relating to your health and general maintenance as core, so that you remain happy and calm. Once this is completed, you can then ensure your surroundings are maintained (either by yourself or a helper) and finally you can fit taking care of others into your schedule. On the planes...they always tell you to put your oxygen mask on first. Even if that oxygen mask is 45 minutes in the shower, or taking one hour on a Sunday to ensure your hair is set and laid for the week, it helps the rest of the week to just flow.

Feeling organized, is key to rest of life...and I'm settling into a mellow flow. Many people find routines there are things you can do to switch them up. Baseline activities are important (eg. showers, hair care, oral care), but simple things like changing your body wash every month, or changing your style, or changing your menu every week, will keep you enjoying the simplicity of just living!! It's the simple things in life that make up the majority of our existence.

Not every day is going to feel like a party, but just taking that time to ensure you enjoyed your coffee in the morning, or that you tidied your kitchen counters before bed so you'll wake up to a clean kitchen...make all the difference in the world! To simple touches!!!

I love you for reading!! I'm active on all keep up with me so that you don't skip a beat!!!


**Dr T**

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